• Orcs Must Die! Unchained at Gamescom video

    Just over a week ago OMDU had a presence at the yearly Gamescom event in Germany. At Gamescom we first learned about the new hero, Tundra and the new captain system. Gameforge staff were on hand at the event to show off OMDU to the masses and some of the bots flew out to join them.

    Gameforge have produced a video as below giving fans an inside look at the event and interviewed Robot staffers – producer Chris Rippy and Lead Designer Ian Fischer. Check out the video below!

    More Orcs on show this weekend at PAX Prime

    Hot on the heels of Gamescom is PAX Prime taking place in Seattle this weekend. Robot will be at the event showing off OMDU including hosting their own Robot / OMDU panel taking place in the HEDGEHOG THEATRE on SATURDAY 8/30 1:30PM – 2:30PM. The panel will be streamed on Twitch as well – so don’t miss it!

    Its OMDU expansion patch day!

    Today is the day of the huge expansion patch for Orcs Must Die Unchained! Now is the time to open up your client and update!

    If you haven’t already, check out our summary of the patch changes. We have also updated the numbers and stats database with all the changes from the patch. We’re working on getting the new data for heroes, cards, traps etc as they become available. Stay tuned!

    Happy patch day!

    OMDU Expansion Patch 1.4 gets shiny new trailer

    The Orcs Must Die! Unchained expansion pack as previously detailed now has a shiny new trailer to show off the tons of extra stuff coming in this weeks update. If the 3,500 word patch notes proved too daunting for you here you can see the changes in visual form!

    Huuuge expansion patch coming to OMDU next week

    Robot Entertainment are poised to do it again with another MEGA PATCH due to come out next week, August 27th. The patch notes are so incredibly long at over 30,000 words that we can’t possibly post them here. Instead we have summarised some of the highlights from the update notes below.  We do of course recommend you check out the full patch notes over at the official forums.

    Patch notes quick summary

    • Mandatory tutorial is now in-place for new players.
    • Guardians have new art! A sun and moon guardian depending on which side of the map.
    • Almost unkillable trolls have been fixed – now slower and easier to kill.
    • Hunters and Gnolls nerfed to encourage different things to slot in the early game.
    • Added bonus XP and Skulls for playing co-op games up until level 10 to encourage newer players to co-op.
    • Special packs are now being awarded. At level 10, 20, 30, and 40, a special pack is awarded (containing 3 uncommon, 2 rare, 1 mythic, or 1 heroic, respectively).
    • Matchmaking buckets - If you search for a game as a member of a four or five player team, you will ONLY be matched with other four of five player teams. If you search alone, with a single friend, or with two friends, you will have the same type of group added to your team and you will play against a team composed of other singles, teams of 2, or teams of 3s.
    • Population of matchmaking buckets is now shown in the dash.
    • It is now possible to surrender in a match if the majority of players agree. (Triggered by typing /surrender)
    • Leading minions now ONLY earns leadership and killing enemy minions now ONLY earns coin.
    • On defense, you now earn more coin (2x) if you kill the enemy minions sooner and less (the normal bounty) if you kill them after they have crossed the first scoring gate

    New Hero – Tundra!

    Tundra has both a ranged and melee attack, can disable large numbers of enemy traps, can ignore crowd control on occasion, and is capable of making allied grizzlies even scarier than they were before.

    New Captain system!

    As previously discussed from the preview at Gamescom, there is a new “captain” system added. This is an interesting concept where by at waves 3 and 4 a strong captain minion will be spawned at the upgraded war camp. For the team he is a burden as he is worth no leadership when escorting or past enemy lines, though is worth 2 rift points. For the opposing team however he is an interesting target. If the captain is killed by the opposing team they are awarded 5000 coin and 5000 leadership for a level 3 Captain and 10,000 coin and 10,000 leadership for a level 4 Captain. The rewards are split evenly amongst the teammates.

    The captain systems adds another exciting dynamic to the game and helps spices things up. It should also be a mechanism to break out of a snowball, if the team things they are on the slippery slope they can prioritise killing the captain by going all defence for a wave. Then using the rewards get back into the game with better economy.

    It should be pretty exciting to see how the captain system pans out. As always this is the first release of the captain system and is in testing so expect to see it refined some more down the line. The Paladin’s have been called upon as stand-in art once again for the captains.

    New Cards!

    There are 20 new cards including:

      • Water Sprayer (like Naptha Sprayers, but for frost-based damage)
      • Anti-Magic Field (enemy players atop this cannot use their abilities)
      • Glory Seeker Arrow Walls
      • Barbed Floor Spikes
      • Glyph of Frost Resist
      • Firewall Bracers
      • Ring of Storms
      • Hobgoblin’s Charm (strong targeted heal)
      • Mobility Weaver (a lot of speed, escape, and anti-CC upgrades)
      • 4 new minion waves

    New Vanity Skins!

      • Bear Slayer Bloodspike Skin
      • Adventurer Master Skin
      • Helter Swelter Smolder Skin
      • War Chief Tundra Skin

    We will be updating our numbers and statistics database on the day the patch comes out. If you’re thirsty for more patch information – check out the full patch notes!

    Echo Prime – Lower price!

    Robot Entertainment’s mobile sci-fi action RPG is now enjoying lower pricing on the iOS and Steam store. Perhaps whilst you are waiting for the next OMDU patch, take a look at Echo Prime, its a ton of fun and at a new lower price its a great time to check it out. Play as the Enforcer and battle enemies across the universe as you collect echoes to power up your abilities.

    Buy now!



    You can find out more about the game by checking out our Steam review of Echo Prime. Also you check out the trailer below:


    Insider Access – Robot talks War Mage, The Master, Sir Winston and Bloodspike

    This week on the Insider Access stream over on the official Twitch channel saw community manager Justin Korthof (SixOkay) sit down with Art Director Dave Kubalak (Kube) and designer Jerome Jones (Bugs911) to talk about some of the hero designs in OMDU. the War Mage, Master, Sir Winston and Bloodspike took center stage this time around.Each of these heroes as it happens, had origins from previous games in the OMD series. Bloodspike was first considered a boss fight in OMD2 where he would be in a mine cart throwing dynamite.

    The name “Sir Winston” also has a very interesting past. It all goes back to this YouTube video by level player “Sips”. When he encountered the paladin he called the paladin “Winston”. Later in the game when he was able to place paladins on the map he called them “Sons of Winston”. This became a running theme in his videos all from there on all the way through OMD2. Robot decided to name their Dark Paladin concept Sir Winston as a nod to Sip’s YouTube videos. If you skip to 1:40 on the video below you can hear Sip’s first mention of Winston!

    During the rest of the Insider Access interview we get to see tons of concept art never seen before and even some sneak peaks at some awesome new skins coming out soon.

    Along with some Q&A on the Twitch chat and some answers to some forum threads this insider access is once again well worth watching. Check it out on the video below!

    Watch live video from OrcsMustDie on Twitch

    New hero “Tundra” and more revealed at Gamescom

    Last week Ian “Mother” Fischer and Patrick Hudson from Robot Entertainment made their way all the way over to Gamescom in Germany to show the masses Orcs Must Die! Unchained. They also took part in the official Twitch stream and as part of their interview showed off what we have to look forward to in the next patch. If you check out the stream here are some of the things you might notice.

    New Hero! – Tundra

    Yep, if 15 heroes wasnt already plenty we have another hero joining the party and he goes by the name of “Tundra” who is an ice bear. A ranged hero who like Smolder can fire blasts from afar, but of course rather than fire he has an ice attack.

    On the abilities front he is able to disable all traps, except ice traps, with his blizzard ability (which might also deal damage). His other ability lets him select friendly bears and highlight a player / guardian for them to target. We can expect to see more of Tundra in the next patch when full details about him will be made available.

    Comeback Mine Carts

    Also new to the game is a new comeback mechanic that was actually discussed in tandem with Robot on the forums. Sort of in similar vein to Mr Moneybags, around Wave 3 mine carts will appear at each war camp and travel to the opposing rift. If the opposing team manage to kill the mine cart (currently actually a giant) they will gain a ton of extra resources split amongst themselves. The idea behind this is that a team can focus on killing the mine cart they get a big boost of resources to help turn the tide of battle. It introduces another interesting dynamic to the game.

    Mine Carts being shown on the minimap

    From what we can see so far from the new material shown at Gamescom we are looking at a very interesting new patch coming out later this August.

    Check out the Twitch interview

    Be sure to check out the full interview and gameplay demo of OMDU at Gamescom on the video below. Just skip to 06:22:00 to see Twitch sit down with the bots!

    Watch live video from Twitch on Twitch