• Spotlight On: Cremvursti & Dubioasa (Part 2)


    Following on from part 1 of our interview with our streaming couple Cremvursti & Dubioasa we now get Dubioasa’s answers on the same questions. Without further ado, here we go!

    The Basics

    Name: Cristina (in-game: Dubioasa)
    Age: 21
    Home Town: Cluj-Napoca, Romania


    • What do you both do by day?

    We’re Journalism students, away from our homes to study at the university, but we are too lazy to do that. I am an intern at the European Youth Capital (Cluj-Napoca is going to be that in 2015 xD) and I sometimes go there to write articles for the websites and to promote the city. If I could, I’d sleep all day long, like our cat, Skittles.
    Otherwise, we like to watch TV series while we eat. I love to cook and I`d stay all day in the kitchen preparing Italian food especially. Generally speaking, that’s our day: movies, OMDU, food and playing with the cat.

    • How did you first meet?

    We were in the first year at the university and we had a Facebook group. I posted an invitation to a concert I didn’t even wanted to attend, but he thought I like his kind of music and asked me out. I forgot about it and went out with my friends, and I felt embarrassed. So I asked him out next time. We dated for like a week, then he never left my house. It’s true, I have a nice apartment.

    • What made you want to start streaming?

    He said that it would be great, `cause I’m cute, not bitchy and annoying. Turns out that didn’t help a lot. I’m still a beginner at everything regarding games and streaming and I really feel uncomfortable being in front of the camera and talking by myself. Hope it’s not gonna be like that for too long.

    • Outside of OMD and streaming, what other things do you both do for fun?

    I like to dance a lot. I could dance for hours, it’s a thing I do to relax and to cheer up. Sometimes we go out with friends.

    • What are your highlights of 2014?

    Hmm, I think visiting Amsterdam and getting a new laptop were #1.

    • What are you doing over the New Year?

    Next year, we’d love to visit Germany during Gamescom. I really want to meet the OMDU community sometime. I’m very friendly and enthusiastic if it’s about people I have something in common with. Seriously, I want to make myself a Sorceress outfit and meet with everyone and play together. Ball & Chain costume may be a bit too large for me, heehee.

    • How did you discover OMD?

    It`s the first game I actually played recently. I used to play when I was little, but then I stopped. I have to give credits to Cremvursti for that. I said I might enjoy if he found some tower defense based games. He showed me OMD 2 and we played in co-op. Then we moved on to other games, but I just couldn’t. OMD is my love.

    • Which are your favourite heroes and why?

    Sorceress. I played with her in OMD 2 and I liked her. I tried Blackpaw but fed too much. Then I started with Ivy and Ball & Chain and I like them both. Still, I prefer long-ranged, otherwise I feed like a grandma.

    • If there was one thing that you would most like to see phase 2 bring to Unchained, what would it be?

    More maps and more heroes. And more traps. *breathing heavily.*

    • When can we see you streaming next?

    We’ll try to get back live from the beginning of January. Now I`m not in Cluj and my internet is not so great, but I hope asap. I love streaming and I hope to get better and less boring at it.


    Shout out

    • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?
    I love you, guys. Devs, fans, from FaTeReLLa to Yolteotl, from Rimmon to CrystalStorm. Playing with you doesn’t feel like standing in front of the PC and wasting some time, but more like playing with friends from childhood. Hope it’s not a cheesy message to send. If it is, it’s okay, I’m a cheesy girl then.
    Remember you catch catch Cremvursti & Dubioasa on their Twitch channel. We’ll let you know when they are streaming next!

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