• Closed beta testing times are coming to OMDU


    Some news for both the North American and EU communities currently enrolled in the Orcs Must Die! Unchained closed beta, there are some changes coming surrounding the times that the severs will be available for playing. Currently the OMDU servers have been available pretty much 24×7 except for patch days and scheduled maintenance. From November 10th (NA) / November 11th (EU) this will be changing and the servers will only be available during certain time windows.

    For North America this means:

    OMDU Closed Beta servers will only be available during specific times. This testing window will be between the hours of 6:00pm – 10pm Central (that’s 7pm – 11pm Eastern and 4pm – 8pm Pacific) on Thursday through Sunday. This means that when the servers go down on November 10, 2015, they will not return until November 12 at 6pm Central.

    And in the EU:

    The servers will be available 7pm – Midnight CET from Thursday through Sunday. So after the game goes down, the first time you will be able to play is on Thursday November 12th which we will open with the usual Thursday stream from FaTeReLLa

    Why the change?

    One of the challenges of having a closed beta test is that the pool of players is very small. This can make it tricky to matchmake for games (especially siege) as it can be difficult to find a group of players online at the same time in amongst a small player-base. By keeping the play-testing set to certain windows players will know when to log-in and should find it easier to matchmake.

    There are other reasons for this change too as described on the OMDU website. Robot advise that they are looking to give testers more of a steer on what components the studio is most looking for feedback on at a given time and gather more specific feedback around that. According to the website:

    • We want to test specific aspects of OMDU as we polish them. We will provide information in the dashboard about what you should be testing each weekend as we close in on those time periods.
    • We want to gather your focused feedback. To help make that possible, we want to make getting matches more reliable. An added benefit to this change is that you will be able to matchmake with like-minded Orc slayers more easily.

    So remember from next week OMDU will be transitioning into the above closed beta testing windows. See you in-game!

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