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New 2016 closed beta hours & stream times

2016 is in full swing and we now have new closed beta hours for both NA and EU OMDU closed beta servers.

North America

The servers will now be open all weekend starting from Thursday evening at 6pm CT up until 10PM CT on Sunday. Plenty of time to get some games in for both testing and fun!


In the EU the servers are open from Thursday evening through to Sunday evening as well. Thats Thursdays from 5 PM (CET) untill Sundays at midnight (CET).

Twitch Streams

Plenty of Twitch streams will be taking place including ‘Meet Your Match‘ every Friday with your hostess with the mostess Nananea playing OMDU with the community. Plus Robot Entertainment will be continuing the popular ‘Insider Access‘ which gives us exclusive interviews with Robot staff talking all about OMDU and more. ‘Orcs After Dark‘ is also back every other Thursday where players can join Robot Entertainment staff for an evening of play. Every other week Nananea will take us back to a blast from the past with OMD1 and 2 gameplay with ‘Throwback Thursday‘.

Here is a summary of the line-up:

Showing on OrcsMustDie.tv

Show Time
Tuesday - 3pm Central US
6:30pm – 8:30pm Central US
6:30pm – 8:30pm Central US


Showing on OrcsMustDieEU.tv

Gameforge Communications Manager FaTeReLLa is on hand throughout January with various streams. Here is the current line up:

Rimmon’s visit to Gameforge

If you happened to watch the Super Special Live Stream event on the Orcs Must Die! EU twitch channel which took place a few weeks ago, you would have seen a special guest! Indeed, Rimmon from the OMDU EU community made a guest appearance having been invited to Gameforge HQ for 3 days by FaTeReLLa to talk OMDU with the Gameforge team.

Rimmon has been a strong influencer in the OMDU EU community. We interviewed him earlier in the year as part of our Fan Friday series where he was working with Muchcoffee on Atypical Neurons, a fan site for OMDU bursting with detailed information about heroes, traps gear and minions.

Having been invited to Gameforge HQ Rimmon has taken to the forums to blog about his experience, which had quite an interesting start with trouble with cancelled flights. It was all worth it in the end though and Rimmon got a sneak peak of what is coming up for OMDU and patch 2.6 and beyond, as well as meeting and greeting the excellent Gameforge crew who look after the OMDU EU community. Rimmon had a great time playing plenty of games with the Gameforge team on and off stream and has left with an even greater positive vibe, writing on his report:

As I left Karlsruhe I did so with renewed motivation, and fresh ideas. I hope that I’ll stay with this community as it grows, and I will of course continue trying to support, and benefit you guys in some way. I’ve been trying out Guide Writing, Fan Site, Videos, and Streaming, in the end I’ll spend my time on what I enjoy the most, be sure that whatever I do I’ll find a way to contribute to the community.


Be sure to check out Rimmon’s full report over on the OMDU EU forums using the link below. You can also check out the stream from the special event below too.


Closed beta key giveaway in Thursdays OMDU EU stream

There is no better way to spend the holidays than playing some
Orcs Must Die! Unchained. If you havn’t managed to get your closed beta access yet, then never fear! Over the next few weeks REF has a number of opportunities for you to get hold of a prized key.

First up, on Thursday’s EU OMDU stream REF will be invading FaTeReLLa’s stream to dish out codes galore! Be sure to tune in at 8pm GMT / 9pm CET on Thursday 4th December and we’ll be in the chat room. We also have some codes for 20x card packs for existing players too. So if you’re looking for beta access or are an existing player you’ll surely be wanting to tune in. The stream will be taking place on the EU twitch channel, right here:


We hope to see you there. We will also be detailing other ways that you can get hold of some keys if you don’t happen to score one in the chat.

Heroes on Tour – a trip to Gameforge – Day 2

Day 2

Following part 1 of the heroes on tour blog the fun continues as we look at Day 2. After waking up we met with FaTeReLLa once again outside the hotel as we began our tour around the city.

Just woken up and ready to explore Karlsruhe!

As we travelled into the city we also met up once again with SiS and we bagan to make our way to the beautiful Botanic Gardens. Here we were able to relax in the peaceful setting and also got to see people pass in costumes as they headed to the second day of the festival.

We also managed to find an ideal place for an OMD killbox!

After a bit more walking around the gardens it was time to head to lunch. We walked through the city to an awesome pasta restaurant called Vapiano. This has become one of my most favourite Italian restaurants of all time. The meal is prepared fresh in front of your eyes and you can make your own dish by choosing the pasta and sauces you like. Its a bit like going to Subway, but for pasta instead! They also have some great pudding choices, I decided to opt for the more dangerous death by chocolate option.

Healthy options!

Following lunch, next up was to travel to the Karlsruhe Zoo. We didn’t see any Orcs, but we did see a whole host of other animals and have included a small gallery below. We had a good time at the zoo but boy, was it hot!

At the Zoo

After a nice time in the zoo it was time for us to tragically begin to think abut going home. We headed back to FaTeReLLa’s car to collect our bags. Her car is quite easy to spot, seeing as it has her name “FaTeReLLa”, engraved on it!  With our bags in tow we headed back to the train station. I travelled back with Artimunor, Daeforce and Alastaire61 back to Frankfurt where we went our separate ways at the airport. Then it was back on the plane back to the UK taking back a Gameforge pack which we were all given which included a OMDU T-Shirt, comic book and buttons.

We all had a brilliant time on the Heroes on Tour trip. It was expertly organised by Gameforge and FaTeReLLa who looked after us very well. We hope that there will be another chance for a future trip. If you ever see a competition to visit Gameforge – be sure to enter!

REF would like to thank FaTeReLLa and the rest of the Gameforge team for a such a great weekend!

Heroes on Tour – a trip to Gameforge – Day 1

Last weekend Gameforge held their first “Heroes on Tour” event for the Orcs Must Die! Unchained EU community. The event hosted by GameForge offered a raffle where by members of the community in the EU who were alpha players could enter a contest to win one of eight lucky spots on the trip. The winners of the competition were Shim, Alastaire61, Artimunor, Daeforce, apin and cptcrunch. REF was also invited to attend. Haggy was also a winner but was unfortunately unable to attend.

Day 1

From my side I flew out from Heathrow, London via Lufthansa to Frankfurt, Germany. Once in Frankfurt I had to catch a train to Karlsruhe. Luckily I managed to meet up with Artimunor and Daeforce on the train and we travelled south all the way down to Karlsruhe on the Deutsch Bahn. Upon our arrival FaTeReLLa greeted us at the station and we met up with Alastaire61 and Shim who had already arrived. From there we went to the hotel to relax for a bit before heading out to GameForge HQ!

Looking slightly tired!

GameForge have a huge office spanning multiple buildings. If you are unfamiliar about GameForge, they have over 400 employees and support a number of high profile games including Aion, TERA, Metin2, Runes of Magic, Wizard101 and S.K.I.L.L. Special Force 2. They are by no means a small operation. Founded in 2003 they have over 450 million registered users. Its well worth taking a peek at GameForge’s about us page to learn more about them.

After enjoying some pizza and learning a bit about GameForge, we sat down with some GameForge designers and talked about some of their upcoming plans for OMDU. We are bound by secrecy here so unfortunately we cannot spill the beans, but rest assured they have some cool stuff coming. It was great to be able to talk openly about their plans and OMDU in general between the heroes on tour and GameForge staff. Following our discussion we were taken on a tour of the GameForge offices which included the Community Management office and the OMDU room.

The OMDU room is where it all happens, including preparing patch releases and translation. The staff here work very hard (at all hours!) to bring us the best OMDU experience possible. After our tour it was time to get down to playing the game! We were split into two teams across the room and we battled out a few games.

This team, the team on the left did well to win two times!

Look at that level of concentration!

Following the team games we went on to do some matchmaking games. As it happens by stroke of luck one team happened to find themselves on MrOithintfb‘s Twitch stream!

Following the games it was time to return to the hotel to get ready for the evening antics. We took the time to explore Karlsruhe on the way back and did some shopping. We had fun negotiating the Karlsruhe tram system! We met up with FaTeReLLa right on time and then we proceeded to head to the Badisch Brauhaus for our evening meal and OMDU celebrations. We were joined once again by GameForge designers and ES community manager SiS.

Celebrating to the long success of OMDU!

We had a great meal here and portion sizes were certainly very big! The atmosphere was great with outside eating and biergarten feel. Following the delicious meal it was time to make our way to the evenings entertainment – the Mittelalterlich Phantasie SpectaculumThis was a fantastic festival event with many people dressed up in clothes from the middle ages. We saw some great music here and a fantastic fire spectacular act and it was a very unique experience definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Check out the gallery below to see some of the photos from the event.

We also have two short videos from the event to give you an idea what the music was like.

Following the evenings activities it was time for us to retire to bed, as you can imagine we were all very tired!

Day 2

Be on the look out for part 2 later this week where we look back on day 2 of the Heroes on Tour where the fun sure continued!

Spotlight On: SavageNL

We’re heading over to the EU for this weeks Fan Friday, all the way over to Den Bosch in The Netherlands infact to meet OMDU community regular SavageNL. Lets find out a bit more about our first featured EU player!

The Basics

  • Name: Niels
  • Age: 29
  • Home Town: Den Bosch


  • What is day job?
I’m a software engineer, from the forums I gather that most people are nowadays so I’m going to specify that to that I develop planning software in Java and C++.
  • Aside from gaming how else do you like to spend your free time?
I like to go to the driving range to play some golf. I also regularly meet up with some friends to play board games and I watch quite a lot of tv shows and movies.
  • Biggest life adventure so far?
I haven’t had many adventures, but I the first thing that comes to mind is a budget holiday to Bali with a friend where nothing was really planned, just the plane ride there and back. Had a great time there and managed to get a roof over our head every night but it was a very different experience when compared to all inclusive beach holidays.
Apart from that, skydiving and bungee jumping was also very cool.
  • If you could pick anywhere in the world where you would love to travel to, where would it be?

I’m not really the traveling type, but I would love to visit the US at some point. I don’t have a clue to which part so if I ever go it will probably be a road trip to visit some the obvious touristic locations.

  • Favourite food?
Pretty much anything that is unhealthy. I think that at the moment the Dutch dish Kapsalon (fries with donner, garlic sauce and lettuce) is pretty high up the list.
  • How did you find out about Orcs Must Die! ?
A friend played the first game and liked it and made me buy it in a Steam sale. I usually only play co-op games so I tried it and didn’t really ever finish it. When omd2 came out we both bought it and loved it so the moment I heard anything about omdu I bought a founder pack.
  • Who is your favourite OMDU hero and why?
I like Stinkeye the best. Up until the last patch he was a great hero to defend with and when you were set up with totems you could take down an attacking BlackPaw.
Since the patch with the new way of gathering leadership I find that I lean more towards picking Ivy though.
  • What do you think should be the “ideal” length of an OMDU match?
That’s a tough question. I think the 20 target that I think Robot is aiming for sounds like a good goal but the matches I like most are the ones that are a close call, they usually last longer.
  • Is there anything missing in OMDU that you would like to see added?
Until the last patch I would have said group queuing. I know a lot of people want an endless game mode but I think I am mostly missing a required tutorial (or a different way to force people to learn how to slot cards etc) and a way to make leavers not ruin a match.
  • When can we usually catch you in matchmaking?
Usually in the evenings somewhere between 8 and 10 CEST.

Shout Out

  • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?

We have a great community in the EU so I’d like to thank them all for making the game a fun experience so far. And of course a special shout out to FaTeReLLa’s ‘dream team’

Spotlight On: FaTeReLLa

This week we have something a little different for our Friday interview. This week we’re interviewing FaTeReLLa who is the Community Manager over at GameForge who are handling the EU side of OMDU. So without further adue let’s find out about FaTeReLLA herself!

The Basics

  • Name: Martina
  • Home Town: Udine, Italy (but I live in Germany for the past 4 years.


  • Can you tell us a little about your username? Why FaTeReLLa?

This is a funny story. My nickname is really old and I’ve used it for around 15 years. When I was young (in my 20ies), I was chatting on a website called “Digiland” where I was the mascots of the chat group because I was the youngest member. A friend of mine started calling me “LaFatinaDeiMieiSogni” literally translating to “TheFairyOfMyDreams”. Later on I moved to IRCnet Chat and the character limit for usernames was 9, so I had to find a nickname that fit. Somehow I thought of Faterella (in Italian means something like Little Fairy). The name stuck and I registered the nickname FaTeReLLa with all consonant in caps (I prefer the aesthetics), and never stop using it.


  • How long have you been working at GameForge?

I’ve been working for Gamforge since January 2010 as employee. Before that I was a volunteer community supporter for 5 years for some browser games such as Ogame.

  • Aside from OMD – what others games do you enjoy playing?

Right now the only other game I’m playing is Metin2, but I’ll probably switch to just OMDU since I’m totally falling in love with it.


  • Outside of gaming what are your hobbies?

I’m a passionate reader; I read an average of 60 books a year. I also love to listen to music while walking and I like to sing, but don’t ask me to sing you something unless you are prepared to bleed from your ears!  And last but not least I love to cook and to try new recipes, Italian food mainly!


  • What excites you the most about OMDU and managing the EU community?

The thing that excite me the most about OMDU is the fact that the game offers so much. You have a PVP challenge – not my favourite thing but still if I manage to kill someone I smile a bit, strategy – I love to organize the team and manage trap placement in the perfect way to get combos, fun and excitement – so far in each match I played it didn’t matter if I won or lost, I enjoy them so much anyway!

About managing the EU community, well it’s a challenge. There are many differences between the games that I’ve managed before. First of all working with an NA partner is very different to working with a Korean partner. Also we’ve decided to change the board settings, where we usually have one board for each language, instead we decided to have one board with a Multilanguage function that allows people to read posts in every language or just to read the posts in their own language if they prefer. It’s a huge project for me and I can’t wait to see how the community will grow and see what direction it will take.

  • What is an average day like for you at GameForge?

Well, that is a really hard question. Put simple, every day is different! Sometime there are calm days (once or twice per year). In general though I arrive at the office between 7 to 9am,  switch on my computer and while it’s loading go to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee (sometime when I feel a bit down, instead of using automatic coffee machine I prepare my Italian one with the Moka Pot – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moka_pot).

Then I go back to my desk, check my emails, forum messages and topics, facebook pages and I look for important topics or urgent issues. Also I’m taking care of another game called Animas Online, so I have split my time between OMDU and AO. I have a couple of meetings a day with my team (CMs) or with product teams (team that works on the product, like the OMDU Team or AO Team).

  • How was PAX East?

A W E S O M E. First of all it was my first time in the US. I had some problems with Jet Lag, but luckily for me it didn’t affect my time in Pax East. The exposition itself was amazing and I had the possibility to get in touch with many people that wanted to try OMDU. Some of them were really excited whilst others got excited after trying it out. In general the feedback of the audience was surprising and I hope to get the chance to participate in such initiatives again.

  • If you could pick one OMDU hero to be your favourite, who would it be and why?

This is a really hard question. From my experience I understand that the hero itself does not make you win, it’s all about team work. Sometime the hero you pick does not fit with the other heroes your teammates choose, so in the end all heroes should be your favourite.


  • Can you give us a teaser about the kind of things the EU community can expect from GameForge?

I’d like to but right now nothing is written in stone so it’s really too early to say! What I can say as Community Manager is that I will try to be as close to the community as possible, listen to the community needs and do my best to make OMD!Unchained Europe a cool place where everyone can have fun and enjoy themselves!


Shout Out

  • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?

Play fair, have fun, stay away from Mountain Trolls and feel free to poke me whenever you feel the need!