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Orcs Must Die! Unchained at EGX Rezzed

Last week, Orcs descended upon London for EGX Rezzed, a video games event hosted at Tobacco Dock. The event had over 160 games playable and one of those was Orcs Must Die! Unchained where the Gameforge team had set up camp. Community Manager SiS and Senior Producer Duthieboy were on-site along with other staff from Gameforge. Having set up an impressive booth with a number of playable stations the booth entertained hundreds of players who came by to play last week.

The entrance to the OMDU booth

The Gameforge team did a great job setting up the booth and players were able to come by and play PvP or Survival. Whilst queuing videos were playing of the awesome OMDU trailer and how to play videos. From what I could see everyone was having a great time and greatly enjoyed the game.

Anyone who came by got a sweet OMDU hat just for stopping by and killin’ some Orcs.

Existing OMDU players were also able to talk with Gameforge staff about the game and get insights into its current development.  Its great to see OMDU at these kind of events. Here are some more pictures from inside the booth:

Be on the look out for more OMDU events soon!

Rimmon’s visit to Gameforge

If you happened to watch the Super Special Live Stream event on the Orcs Must Die! EU twitch channel which took place a few weeks ago, you would have seen a special guest! Indeed, Rimmon from the OMDU EU community made a guest appearance having been invited to Gameforge HQ for 3 days by FaTeReLLa to talk OMDU with the Gameforge team.

Rimmon has been a strong influencer in the OMDU EU community. We interviewed him earlier in the year as part of our Fan Friday series where he was working with Muchcoffee on Atypical Neurons, a fan site for OMDU bursting with detailed information about heroes, traps gear and minions.

Having been invited to Gameforge HQ Rimmon has taken to the forums to blog about his experience, which had quite an interesting start with trouble with cancelled flights. It was all worth it in the end though and Rimmon got a sneak peak of what is coming up for OMDU and patch 2.6 and beyond, as well as meeting and greeting the excellent Gameforge crew who look after the OMDU EU community. Rimmon had a great time playing plenty of games with the Gameforge team on and off stream and has left with an even greater positive vibe, writing on his report:

As I left Karlsruhe I did so with renewed motivation, and fresh ideas. I hope that I’ll stay with this community as it grows, and I will of course continue trying to support, and benefit you guys in some way. I’ve been trying out Guide Writing, Fan Site, Videos, and Streaming, in the end I’ll spend my time on what I enjoy the most, be sure that whatever I do I’ll find a way to contribute to the community.


Be sure to check out Rimmon’s full report over on the OMDU EU forums using the link below. You can also check out the stream from the special event below too.


Orcs Must Die! Unchained closed beta patch 2.4 is LIVE

Patch 2.4 is now Live on the OMDU closed beta servers in North America. You can now start downloading and join in the fun. Robot are streaming throughout the day on Twitch. http://www.twitch.tv/orcsmustdie.

For EU players, please sit tight just a little longer. GameForge are working out some technical issues and are looking to bring the patch live in the next day or so.

GameForge’s ultimate Gamescom OMDU booth

GameForge have been at Gamescom this week to show off Orcs Must Die! Unchained to the masses, and boy did they show off OMDU in style! The Gameforge team have put together one of the best booths I have seen, with gates, corridors and even wall traps such as Grinders and Wall Blades. Its impressive to say the least and definetly sets the scene for OMDU. Check out some of the pictures and videos from the EU Facebook page.

Watch video on Facebook

Great job GameForge team!

Patch 2.1 is live in EU. Matchmaking changes and last push for board game!

Hot on the heels of the 2.1 patch being released in NA, Gameforge and Robot Entertainment have been able to release the patch in the EU in less than 24 since it first landed in North America. This fast turnaround should put some of the concerns EU players have had about the delay for patches to arrive at ease. Commenting on the EU forums, Community Manager, Justin Korthof said:

There was a LOT of concern voiced about having to wait extended periods of time again for the 2.1 update to hit the EU servers. As was noted before, we’ll always do everything we can to reduce the time between the NA and EU releases, and I think you can see that in full effect today, when Gameforge has released the 2.1 patch to the EU servers less than 24 hours after it hit the NA servers.


Matchmaking changes

In other patch 2.1 related news, some players have been finding it more difficult to find PvP matches since the patch made adjustments to the grouping of PvP players by level into matchmaking “buckets” and the removal of the number of players searching counter. Robot who are attuned to community feedback have announced that they are making some further adjustments to the matchmaker taking place from now. There are now just two matchmaking buckets, one for Levels 1-6, and the other for all other levels 7+. This should help alleviate issues where players have been finding it tricky to get in games.

The final push

Its now just the last few hours until the Kickstarter campaign for the Orcs Must Die! Unchained the Board Game closes. Now sitting at over $260,000 at time of writing this has been an incredibly successful campaign. The community have spoken in volumes!

If you havn’t yet pledged, now is the time! Just head over to Kickstarter on the link below:


Orcs Must Die! Unchained Phase 2 launches for EU tomorrow!

The news the EU community has been looking forward to is now here. EU community manager SiS has announced that the phase 2 patch for Orcs Must Die! Unchained will be launching tomorrow!

There has been alot of discussion about the delay in getting this patch out for the EU community, it was originally anticipated to come out sooner. However, we must bear in mind that there is such a huuuuge number of changes in this patch. It is a major release with substantial changes that Gameforge have needed to integrate onto their own systems. Including a completely re-worked game economy model. Please remember the almighty patch notes, Gameforge have been working very hard to integrate these as fast as possible.

Waiting sucks. However we can assure you that phase 2 is definitely worth the wait, and I’m sure future patches will come out even faster now that we are passed this larger hurdle.

Friends List & Wipe

One important thing to know is that there WILL be an account wipe for all EU players once Phase 2 lands. This means everything will be reset including your skulls. Any coin or skins that you have purchased or unlocked by means of promotions will remain on your account, however. It is also worth noting that your friends list will be wiped too, so be sure to note down the names of all your friends so that you can add them back again.

Enjoy phase 2 tomorrow and see you in-game!

Tencent invests in Robot. OMDU Phase 2 coming March 24th

Exciting news for Robot Entertainment fans across the globe as yesterday the studio announced that they have secured a minority investment from Tencent, a large Chinese publisher who recently also announced that they would be publishing Orcs Must Die! Unchained in China. A minority interest means that Robot maintains control over its operations, this is an investment which secures additional funding / capital for Robot’s endeavours.

“Taking on Tencent as an investor gives us additional financial flexibility but, more importantly, it creates a long-lasting and valuable partnership with the world’s premier publisher and operator of games”, said Robot Entertainment CEO Patrick Hudson. “It’s a very exciting time for Robot Entertainment. We’re looking forward to showing Orcs Must Die! Unchained to fans at PAX East in Boston and releasing the game to market later this year on PC and PlayStation 4.”

This is great news for the studio and will help the studio grow and maintain its already great record at delivering fun games. The future is looking very bright indeed for Orcs Must Die! Unchained. It’s shaping up to be a big 2015 for Robot Entertainment. You can read more about this investment news at the Robot Entertainment website.

Phase 2 and PAX East

Fans who have been eagerly awaiting news about the release of the OMDU phase 2 closed beta can now be informed that Robot will be releasing this major update on March 24th in the US and shortly after in the EU. Feel free to join in on the pictorial discussions happening on the forums!

We are also just weeks away from PAX East taking place from March 6th. Robot Entertainment will be attending with their own OMDU booth. Representatives from Gameforge will also be in attendance. Those who come to Robot’s booth will get an exclusive chance to play Phase 2 OMDU gameplay, and as always, will be able to walk away with some sweet swag as well as closed beta access and a new skin for the War Mage.

This years PAX skin will also be available for anyone who is currently participating in the closed beta. The scarf you see being worn with the War Mages approval will be given out to attendees at the PAX booth. If you’re heading to PAX be sure to pop by and get your scarf and first Phase 2 gameplay!