• Welcome to Robot Entertainment Fans!


    Robot Entertainment Fans is a brand new website built by us, the fans of the legendary indie video game studio, Robot Entertainment. Whether you're a fan of the studio due to its pedigree developers from Ensemble Studios or if you're a fan of Orcs Must Die or Hero Academy, you'll find yourself at home here!

    Be on the look out for fantastic competitions, interviews and community events! Plus a whole bunch of useful news and speculative articles from the fan base. Not only that, we even have our resident radio reporter RadioKenny bringing us regular updates from the studio! Why not hit us up on iTunes?

    At Robot Fans we're looking to build the most inclusive fan resource website ever! That means we're looking for people just like you to join our campaign! We're looking for people who can help us with articles, news, game tips, art, graphic design, sound, videos and more. Infact just about anything you want to show the world to demonstrate your support of your favorite robotic indie developer. If you think you can help why not head over to our join the cause pages?

    We're looking forward to getting the ball rolling, so much so that we are kicking things off with a fantastic competition! Anyone who registers on Robot Fans during the first 30 days of launch will enter themselfs into winning an Orcs Must Die! cap and buttons pack so that you can show off to your friends just how seriously you take your Orc slayin. You could strike it lucky! To enter yourself into a chance of winning you can find the registration form this way!


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