• Rogotin and Radiokenny weren’t just chasing Rainbows. X13 achieved



    Just days after a live interview with Robot community manager SixOkay sparked discussion about the possibility of an x13 combo in Orcs Must Die, it has been achieved. Robot forum member Rogotin theorized that OMD could produce an x13 if someone could find a place in the game to use a rolling log or boom barrel to add to an existing x12. Everyone thought that the theory was a long shot if not impossible, even with modded onslaught files and definitely not possible in normal gameplay. The world was proved wrong. Rogotin teamed with Radiokenny to produce an x13. It was accomplished by Radiokenny on the Twin Halls.

    The x12 in normal play was once thought to be the holy grail of OMD. Now with the x13 a reality. Are there anymore rainbows to chase? Only time will tell.

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