• A very Hungry Hippo takes over the OMD! leaderboard and reveals tactics


    Recently the War Mage difficulty high scores have been falling like rocks because of a new tactic used by OMD player and Robot forum member hungryhungryhipp. REfans.com talked to HHH and asked him for some info on the tactic. He supplied us with the following explanation and video to show it.

    The crux of the way to get higher scores is to utilise weapon switching between the XBow and the BladeStaff. By doing this successfully you can get an extra combo on each orc which is a MASSIVE difference in the score. You lose out a little by performing a combat kill instead of letting the traps finish the job but the difference is still worth it.

    Here’s what I try to do:

    1. When the orcs approach the killbox, use the bladestaff. Stand at the back or offset on your trap by the tar, so that the orcs get effected by as many traps as possible.
    2. When the orc steps onto the tar/grinder quickly switch to the Xbow and finish the job.
    3. Switch back onto the bladestaff again for more combo building.

    it’s a dead simple process but i’ve not seen anyone else doing this as a full on strat.

    When the orcs are thicker, you need to spend more time on the Xbow to stop the grinder getting jammed up. you basically need to utilise every moment that you would be uselessly swinging the blade staff to the Xbow instead, back and forth to get the most combo points.

    Before you get all your traps etc setup you will find that the Xbox is generally better. Once all the traps are in place you will spend more time on the Bladestaff as the orcs don’t jam up the grinder as much.

    Using this with the right killbox traps can allow you to score 9x combos on the orcs occasionally, and pretty consistent 7x and 8x combos. Even with the barricades you can still pull off 11x Combos on the ogres with this as well.

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