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    The Ten Ton Gorilla put on some weight today

    Some of you may not be familiar with the blog that features art from the staff at Robot Entertainment. The Ten Ton Gorilla was updated earlier today and has some great art that was made during one of their “Themed Projects”


    Fan made OMD! leaderboard 2.0 being coded.

    A great new project is being coded by Robot forum member VvT76. It’s a leaderboard that will display all of the current top scores in the game and filter out the obvious cheaters. The scoreboard will also have information about the traps, tactics, and largest combo achieved on the level. It is currently in an early form of development, but is functional. You can track the progress of the project here. OMD! Leaderboard 2.0

    Hero Academy Fan Fiction by Reegan Cantrelle

    Check out what may very well be the first fan fiction for Hero Academy! Written by Reegan or @Reegan777 as you may better know him, the fan fiction follows Gerald, a knight engaged in battle against a phantom and wraith of the Dark Elves. Its certainly an interesting read to see Hero Academy made into a story. Check it out by hitting “Read more” and let us, and Reegan know what you think!

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    Radiokenny’s Hero Academy Giveaway!!!

    In celebration of Hero Academy being featured on Itunes. I’m going to give away 5 codes that will unlock the Dwarves team and the Sampler Avatar pack. You can use it or give it to a friend if you have already purchased the Dwarves.

    Just take a picture of yourself celebrating a Hero Academy victory!!!!!

    I will select 5 pictures and send out the codes!!!! You can send the pics to kenny@robotentertainmentfans.com or send it to @kennygamer on twitter.

    I might post the winning pics here on the site. So you have been warned.

    Here is a winner already!!! Nice screen shot!!!

    Screen Winner 1

    Here is another winner celebrating a victory against a Robot Entertainment employee!!!


    Hero Academy featured on iTunes

    Its fantastic news to see that as of today Hero Academy is featured on on the iPhone games home page section of the iTunes store. It’s great to see Hero Academy recognised for its addictive turn based strategy game play. Featured app status will no doubt help Hero Academy become known to the masses so expect to find even more people playing!

    Not only is the app featured on the homepage but when clicking onto the app we can see that the game is leading the way with an average rating of 5- stars in over 4700 reviews!

    Featured app status is no easy task so I feel that congratulations to Robot Entertainment are in order for bringing us this excellent and absorbing game!

    Two new strategy guides!

    With the new patch coming out tomorrow morning, everyone’s attention may be fixed firmly on the new team, the Dwarves. But there’s still plenty of great information coming out of the fan community. In the last day, two great guides have been released.

    Wyatt Cheng (candlesan) provides an analysis and strategies for Dark Elves players looking to fight off the forces of the Council. Judging from the Council-heavy statistics on the Hero Academy League Leaderboards, this is a guide that a lot of people could use!

    After that, read the latest guide from the james review (Tsothoga), discussing tactics for securing victory in the later stages of the game. Several of these strategies are similar to Wyatt’s, but there are plenty of other tips here that should prove useful for players of every race.

    The only question now is who’ll have a guide for the Dwarves ready first?

    Hero Academy: Let’s Get Dangerous

    Looking up to step up your game at Hero Academy? When the game launched, some players struggled a bit, unsure of how to go about crushing their opposition. Since then, Robot Entertainment has done an excellent job at beefing up their documentation. In addition, the fan community has been hard at work, ensuring that players have all the tools necessary for victory:

    Add to this growing list several articles posted at the james review. James’ series of strategy guides targets experienced players, and provides new tactics to get the most out of your game. Last week, discussing the Council, he demonstrated formations like the Phalanx and the Battering Ram; his latest article focuses on the Dark Elves, a race that many players are having a hard time excelling with. The long and the short of it? Be mobile and aggressive, and don’t be afraid to exchange units to achieve your goals. Head on over to read the entire article, and if you’ve got any pointers of your own, be sure to leave a comment for everyone!