• How Soul Harvest works with the Dark Elves team


    On the official Hero Academy forums there was much debate over how Soul Harvest actually works and several theories were getting passed back and forth.  Rather than continuing to to guess I knuckled down and spent the time across several test games to document the actual results of Soul Harvest vs enemies, crystals and the effect of magic resist on the results.  I have charted all this information down for everyone to review and also understand how Soul Harvest works and it’s effect on your teams HP.  Visit this link to a shared spreadsheet:  goo.gl/s4nxb

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    Good work Drv! I like playing DE even if they are at a little disadvantage vs council right now, so figuring out how this works would be of use to me. I’ll try to track what happens when I use it vs resistant units (ie: total damage vs # of buffed units) to see if I can help pin down the math behind this.

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