• Hero Academy: Let’s Get Dangerous


    Looking up to step up your game at Hero Academy? When the game launched, some players struggled a bit, unsure of how to go about crushing their opposition. Since then, Robot Entertainment has done an excellent job at beefing up their documentation. In addition, the fan community has been hard at work, ensuring that players have all the tools necessary for victory:

    Add to this growing list several articles posted at the james review. James’ series of strategy guides targets experienced players, and provides new tactics to get the most out of your game. Last week, discussing the Council, he demonstrated formations like the Phalanx and the Battering Ram; his latest article focuses on the Dark Elves, a race that many players are having a hard time excelling with. The long and the short of it? Be mobile and aggressive, and don’t be afraid to exchange units to achieve your goals. Head on over to read the entire article, and if you’ve got any pointers of your own, be sure to leave a comment for everyone!

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