• Two new strategy guides!


    With the new patch coming out tomorrow morning, everyone’s attention may be fixed firmly on the new team, the Dwarves. But there’s still plenty of great information coming out of the fan community. In the last day, two great guides have been released.

    Wyatt Cheng (candlesan) provides an analysis and strategies for Dark Elves players looking to fight off the forces of the Council. Judging from the Council-heavy statistics on the Hero Academy League Leaderboards, this is a guide that a lot of people could use!

    After that, read the latest guide from the james review (Tsothoga), discussing tactics for securing victory in the later stages of the game. Several of these strategies are similar to Wyatt’s, but there are plenty of other tips here that should prove useful for players of every race.

    The only question now is who’ll have a guide for the Dwarves ready first?

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