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    OMD! Online Onslaught Editor Released

    Now you can easily create onslaughts for OMD! Robot forum member Vvt76 made the following post in the RE forums earlier today.

    The last 2 weeks I have been working on that editor everybody has been wanting to have for the last couple of months. You have been able to track the progress in Rogotin’s thread, but I thought it was time I created a thread of my own which I can update in the future with more updates, announcements and improvements.
    Click here for the link to the editor.

    This is where you can find the index. The index page lists all maps. Each map has 4 links:
    – Create: Start your own onslaught file from scratch
    – Edit: Take the default onslaught and edit that one
    – Download default: Download the default onslaught as provided by SixOkay
    – Download nightmarized: Download the default onslaught, but modified so you can have the nightmare enemies on warmage level with all the convenient breaks

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    Hero Academy to add “The Tribe” and universal iPad updates soon

    Robot Entertainment released new Hero Academy information today via SixOkay’s front page blog.  Click here to read the full post and get the latest scoop.

    A couple of webapps to crush your Hero Academy enemies

    It starts out like a bad joke. What do you get when you take four longtime friends and put one each in business school, law school, a math doctoral program, and Hogwarts for computer science?

    Answer: Very intensely contentious debates about strategy, tactics and best practices in competitive environments of all imaginable varieties. When we’re not arguing about the best way to win a game or sell a product or defend the world from the doomsday flavor du jour, we’re creating analytic tools and finding new ways to prove ourselves right (…and each other wrong). They say the strongest steel is forged over fire, and that’s why we like working together. Our games of Risk get pretty stressful, but we think those sessions are compensated by the fruits of our collaborative efforts.

    And that’s what gave rise to this Probability Calculator / Unit Tracker for Hero Academy. We recognize that a huge part of winning in Hero Academy is understanding the magnitude of the possible risks, and knowing everything that can be known about the game – from how likely it is that the opponent has a potion in his hand to where the most easily contested units lie on the map.

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    Nightmarized versions of Orcs Must Die! maps and onslaught generator

    Orcs Must Die! extraordinaries Rogotin and VvT76 have been hard at work re-jigging the onslaught files to provide the community with even more trickier OMD levels with their Nightmarized files which increase the difficulty of the standard War Mage campaign. Not only that the pair are also hard at work developing their own custom Orcs Must Die! onslaught file generator. Those who have tried modding their onslaught files already may have found the process of editing XML files slightly daunting. However with this exciting new community project these difficulties will be a thing of the past as this project will see the creation of an independent application which will generate these XML files automatically after choosing the values you want. Just like magic! We’ll report back as soon as this becomes available!

    In the meanwhile if you’re looking to download nightmarized versions of the War Mage campaign – check out the link below!


    Stand by for a new Robot Entertainment game come PAX East

    Make sure you put April 6th in your calendar as a special day to keep an eye out for Robot Entertainment news. The studio will once again be heading up to PAX East in Boston. In the past, PAX has been one the first places that Robot has shown off their new games including Orcs Must Die!

    From April 6th the Robots will be on hand at PAX with an exciting new booth featuring both Hero Academy and the as of yet unannounced new game. The only question is.. what could the new game be? Feel free to speculate on our brand new poll located on the right of this post. What do you think might be next for Robot Entertainment?

    Hero Academy for iPad

    In other interesting news, those with iPads who have been playing Hero Academy on the 2x resolution will be pleased to know that a full HD version of Hero Academy is soon to be released. The HD version will feature an overall higher resolution which will look much sharper on iPads as opposed to the 2x zoom. Check out the comparison between old and new on the latest Robot Entertainment MMM blog!

    A pair of strategy guides for the Dwarves

    The Dwarves have been out for a week, and the aftershocks are beginning to settle down. Any jolts you feel now are likely the explosive attacks of a grenadier, or the dreaded annihilator. After a week of grenades, rockets, shotguns, and the occasional wrench, strategy guides for the Dwarves have started to pop up from the fan community.

    The first guide out of the gates comes from Wyatt Cheng: a math-heavy breakdown of the Dwarves with several informative graphics. Every unit is covered in depth, including the damage breakdown for individual squares from the multitude of area of effect attacks the Dwarves bring to the table.

    James at the james review delivers another guide, documenting useful tactics to use when playing the Dwarves, and a couple tips to help if you’re getting buried under a hail of grenades. Filled with handy techniques (complete with catchy names like “Crystal Splashing” and “Bring the Rain”), this guide will give you some specific ideas to get the most out of your Dwarven army.