• A pair of strategy guides for the Dwarves


    The Dwarves have been out for a week, and the aftershocks are beginning to settle down. Any jolts you feel now are likely the explosive attacks of a grenadier, or the dreaded annihilator. After a week of grenades, rockets, shotguns, and the occasional wrench, strategy guides for the Dwarves have started to pop up from the fan community.

    The first guide out of the gates comes from Wyatt Cheng: a math-heavy breakdown of the Dwarves with several informative graphics. Every unit is covered in depth, including the damage breakdown for individual squares from the multitude of area of effect attacks the Dwarves bring to the table.

    James at the james review delivers another guide, documenting useful tactics to use when playing the Dwarves, and a couple tips to help if you’re getting buried under a hail of grenades. Filled with handy techniques (complete with catchy names like “Crystal Splashing” and “Bring the Rain”), this guide will give you some specific ideas to get the most out of your Dwarven army.

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