• Nightmarized versions of Orcs Must Die! maps and onslaught generator


    Orcs Must Die! extraordinaries Rogotin and VvT76 have been hard at work re-jigging the onslaught files to provide the community with even more trickier OMD levels with their Nightmarized files which increase the difficulty of the standard War Mage campaign. Not only that the pair are also hard at work developing their own custom Orcs Must Die! onslaught file generator. Those who have tried modding their onslaught files already may have found the process of editing XML files slightly daunting. However with this exciting new community project these difficulties will be a thing of the past as this project will see the creation of an independent application which will generate these XML files automatically after choosing the values you want. Just like magic! We’ll report back as soon as this becomes available!

    In the meanwhile if you’re looking to download nightmarized versions of the War Mage campaign – check out the link below!


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