• New info coming about OMD! 2 at PAX


    It looks like many of the improvements that fans wanted in the original OMD! are coming to OMD2!. Robot Fans are reporting major improvements to the games physics engine . In the original OMD! the animation and other factors made it hard for players to tell when combos were being applied. This also affected combos when orcs were airborne. Sometimes when units were thrown through the air, traps would miss and combos weren’t correctly counted. These problems were reported to be fixed in the new game and OMD!2 is said to be more “visually accurate” when traps are applied. It seems that the orcs have more of a “ragdoll” physics tumble to them and the combos are applied no matter when they are stuck by traps. Even if they are tumbling mid air.

    We also got conformation that minecarts can be triggered to switch rails and a few other fun tidbits. Interviews and complete coverage of PAX is coming soon.



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