• Its East vs West in the Hero Academy League!


    Its hotting up in the Hero Academy League! Today marks the beginnings of an East vs West competition! Players will be able to join either the East or West team depending on their location in the USA. European players are placed into either East or West depending on numbers and balance reasons.

    Here are the standings in each team so far:


    • Brian (Captain)
    • Art
    • GG
    • Aaron
    • H_ngm_n
    • Blobertson
    • Altar
    • Santiagio17
    • RunpTrun
    • C0ldf1r3
    • CountVlad
    • VanQ


    • Raptor (Captain)
    • Matt (Co-Captain and Spreadsheet Master)
    • Drv
    • Ragnaok
    • Steven
    • Murder
    • Morden
    • Ultimateceej
    • Tabby_Nat
    • z3phyr
    • Normak
    • AnalogyShark
    • JuiceTin

    If you would like to join in the competition just post your interest in the Hero Academy League forums. May the best team win!

    If you are not a member of the League then why not sign up? The Hero Academy League features dedicated players of various skill levels and includes its own leaderboard and matchmaking tools.

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