• Hero Academy 1.2.2 update available from today


    Robot Entertainment have announced the availability the Hero Academy 1.2.2 update which is going live on the Apple servers in just a couple of hours. The list of changes can be found below. The update is not mandatory so you can still continue to play with the older version if you wish. However updating to the latest version is strongly recommended to take advantage of the latest stability and performance improvements.

    Version 1.2.2 changes:

    • Initial game load is faster
    • Fix to decrease “out of memory” crashes on iPad and iPod Touches
    • Fixed Undo actions bug that awarded certain achievements incorrectly
    • Fixed Spike armor increasing health when health was below 100.
    • Fixed Spike armor to no longer affect nearby units when hit by area-of-effect attacks
    • Fixed Wraith puppet scaling when attacking other units

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