• The Robot Entertainment progress report


    In this weeks MMM blog update Justin talks us through the current status of the “12 things to expect” that Robot made for the year ahead back in February. Pleasingly it looks like Robot should surely score a grade A for their efforts so far this year. A vast majority of the goals have already been realised!

    One of the interesting tidbits in the blog post is word of exclusive content coming up in the official Robot newsletter some time soon:

    We haven’t sent out any exclusive looks just yet, but we’re planning to very soon. Make sure that you’re signed up for the Robot Newsletter to be the first to know when big news comes out!

    Make sure you are definitely signed up to the Robot newsletter to make sure you are kept in the loop. Missing out on goodies is never fun!

    There is also word of a super secret “Red Pod”:

    You already know about the Green, Yellow, Blue, and Orange Pods at Robot Entertainment. This year we’ll introduce you to the Red Pod. You may not know it yet, but some quiet progress has already been made with Red Pod. Unfortunately, that’s about all we can say about that right now. 😉

    Should be interesting to hear more about this when the time comes. Meanwhile, we can ponder on what mysteries this new pod will bring..

    Check out the full blog post right here!


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