• Looks like big combos are on the horizon in OMD2!!


    In a recent post in the Robot Entertainment forums, Robot community manager Justin Korthof (SixOkay) told players more about the upgrade system in OMD2. He wrote the following

    “Regarding the extra combo points… we’ve made that system a ton better. Are you sitting down?  

    Okay, so in the first game, upgrading the archers to flaming archers granted the extra combo point. This time around, we’ve taken that idea and attached it to the effects themselves. So, for example, if you buy the archer upgrade in the spellbook that gives them burning arrow, the burning brings an extra combo point with it. But this also works on any trap with a similar status effect upgrade. So if you have Arrow Walls with the upgrade to burning arrows, those burning arrows will also carry an extra combo point with them. If you have spike traps with the “chill” upgrade on them, they’ll grant an extra combo point, too.” 

    This means that giant combos should be possible in the new game. Can anyone say x20? Join the conversation here.

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