• Hero Tracker – a player aid for Hero Academy


    Jason McIntosh of Orangepeel Softworks has a released a new Hero Academy move tracker. This particular tracker runs on the iPhone or iPad as a standalone app. Whilst the app isnt able to record events as they happen it does allow Hero Academy players to quickly record player moves to determine what reserves the oponenet player might still have. This can certainly be a useful tool for competitive play or for playing against opponents who take a long time to make moves and you cant always remember which units they have previously used.

    From Jason’s blog over at The Gameshelf he writes:

    Hero Tracker is a free, simple tool for iPhone and iPod Touch that lets players track the progress of their active games, mainly to note which pieces have been played by either side.

    Now I can remind myself with certainty that the Council player who finally took their turn after a fortnight is out of Inferno spells but still has one high-powered Cleric in reserve. I can calculate the chance that that Cleric sits on their rack, ready to deploy next turn, and plan my own move accordingly.

    The app is certainly well worth checking out and it can be found right here: – http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hero-tracker/id532915889

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