• Win a media pass signed by the Robot Devs from RTX 2012!!



    Want to win a cool collectors item from the Robot Team at RTX 2012? After all of the fun and interviews, the Robot team was kind enough to autograph a couple of my media credentials. The Pass was signed by Justin “Sixoay” Korthof-Community Manager, David Kubalak – Art Director, Nate “N8” Stefan – Concept Artist, and Bart Tiongson -Concept Artist.

    The guys swore that wearing the pass will add +10% damage to any Hero Academy units attack and increase you head shot percentage in OMD2. This may just be an urban myth, but it’s worth a try.

    To win one just email me at kenny@robotentertainmentfans.com or send me a tweet to @kennygamer and say “enter me for the pass contest”. We will pick a winner at random.

    Later, Kenny

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