• Orcs Must Die! 2 co-op finder – Register now to help find fellow players!


    Are you looking forward to the release of Orcs Must Die! 2 this time next week? Of course you are!

    Are you looking forward to jumping into the fray killing Orcs co-operatively with other fans? Of course you are!

    In order to help you on your way Robot Fans are pleased to announce our latest tool for the community – the Orcs Must Die! 2 – co-op player finder! This handy tools allows Robot Fans members to create their very own OMD2 profile. The data entered on this profile then goes into a database which players can use to filter and find the best co-op player matches.

    In a hurry to play a co-op game? Not a problem, use our “online now” service to broadcast to the world that you are ready for some serious Orc destruction. The new tool allows you to ping an update to our dedicated Orcs Must Die 2 Twitter feed. If you’re in need of a co-op player, just hop by our Twitter feed or sign into the co-op finder tool and we’ll show you which players are online now. Use our database tool to narrow down the players you want and their Steam ID’s will be ready for you to start chatting and inviting! We like to keep it simple!

    Find the right players for you sorted by country, time preferences, skill level, preferred characters and more. More features will be added over time.

    Dont delay.. create your profile today! By creating your profile now you can be ready to find fellow fans easily when OMD2 launches next week.

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