• Introducing the Hero Academy League for Steam players


    Welcome to all joining us after discovering Hero Academy on Steam. The League is a fan run league that has a strong relationship with Robot, but is not officially sponsored by Robot Entertainment. The League is over 5 months old, and over 6,000 games have been played by our members. Nonetheless, it doesnt take long for the very best to climb our leaderboard, and new members have continued to do so throughout our existence.

    We our proud to use ELO, which ensures that our leaderboard reflects true skill. Our database allows you to find opponents at your skill level, and to seek opponents that like to move as often as you do.

    The League is about choice, and you can take as many (after your trial period) or as few games as you like, and play them at your pace. You can chose to challenge someone in our top 10, or another rookie. Its all up to you.

    The procedure to sign up for the League is: (1) register for this website; (2) request League membership and (3) wait for a welcome PM with detailed instructions. While we do have a terrific database, members are admitted through a manual and multi-step process, so please be patient — we try not to leave folks waiting for more than 24 hours.

    Welcome aboard!

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