• Orcs Must Die! 2 weekly challenges incoming!


    Good news for Orc slayers. Robot Entertainment will be serving up a new game mode in Orcs Must Die 2 this week. Dubbed “Weekly challenges” these will offer players a brand new challenge every Friday set by the robotic minds at Robot Entertainment and will challenge players to complete certain levels in new and unique ways.

    Each challenge is playable in single-player or co-op and features a specific level, character, and trap loadout to master.

    Reads the latest blog post on RE.com. Whats more each challenge will have its own unique leader-boards so that you can compete against the OMD2 community at large. To help support this a new game mode in the Orcs 2 co-op tool called “Challenges” has been added by REF.

    Keep your eyes peeled for the first weekly challenge landing this Friday 17th!

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