• Detailed Hero Academy Mechanics Guide


    Those of you who read the official Hero Academy forum have probably seen me posting there often, and in particular, may have seen the guides I’d post whenever a new race was released. With each new race I’d test each ability in-game to create a guide with specific information on all the new mechanics.

    With the Steam release of Hero Academy last week, there was not only a new race coming, but a influx of new players who hadn’t played the game at all before. I decided to compile all of my guides into one location to create a reference that could be used for all parts of the game, and REF offered to feature it here on their site.

    Here is the link to the guide:Hero Academy Mechanics Guide

    I’m continually adding details and rewording things to be clearer. The vast majority of info you’ll ever come across playing normal games will be in there (if you really need to predict the direction of a Wizard chain on a critical turn, you might be out of luck until I’m bored one day). I’ve tried to keep it very terse so new players can read the section on any particular race in just a minute or two, and go into any game at least knowing what all of the units can do. It should, however, contain all the information an experienced player needs to anticipate how possible lines of play will go.

    My hope is that having this information collected in one place and easy to reference is that players will have easier time learning to get better at Hero Academy. Moving beyond the beginner stage requires looking ahead at least one move (as a chessplayer does), and potentially more. So whether you have aspirations in the League (see sidebar on this side), or just looking to beat randoms on the internet, keep this guide handy, and know exactly what your opponent’s units are capable of.

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