• Orcs Must Die! 2 – Fire & Water DLC pack announced


    The first DLC pack for Orcs Must Die! 2 has been announced – the “Fire & Water” booster pack. This booster pack brings 3 brand new levels for the campaign which can either be completed in single player or co-op. Whats-more these levels also feature some brand new enemies to face off against – the new Fire and Water elementals. To help make things easier to take down these new enemies players will of course need some extra traps. Luckily the DLC features three brand new traps the Web Spinner, Ceiling Darts, and the Floor Portal. Check out the description of these and the new elementals below!

    Hellish new Fire Lords and Fire Elementals crumble when killed, leaving behind dangerous Firelings that will hunt the player down and explode when they get too close! Slippery Water Lords and Water Elementals dwindle into pools of water when killed, but don’t count them out of the fight! When Waterlings find dormant puddles, they’ll absorb the stagnant water and grow into new Water Elementals!

    War Mages will have access to three exciting new traps to add to their arsenal, as well.  The Web Spinner is a new wall trap that ensnares hallways full of passing monsters in a sticky tangle of webs, slowing them down to buy precious time. Ceiling Darts turn your fortress into a temple of doom for orcs, dropping from the ceiling to fire deadly darts in every direction. If the orcs make it past your defenses the first time around, you can give them another dose of pain with the new Floor Portal. Place the floor portal anywhere on the ground. Unsuspecting enemies who step on it will be magically teleported back to the beginning of the level!

    Juicy screenshots!

    The Fire and Water DLC pack will be landing on Steam in just two days time on August 29th! The pack will be priced at just $4.99 for all the above new content. Check out the blog on RE.com for more information!


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