• Problems at the mill – Hero Academy server issues


    Hero Academy players may have found they have had some difficulty playing some of their existing games over the past few days. Unfortunately Robot Entertainment have been having some technical issues on the server side which has resulted in the corruption of some of the games you may have had on-going.

    In order to get things back to normal again, the Robots will be taking the Hero Academy servers offline shortly in order to do the nessecary remedial work to bring the game back to full health. Sadly any games which have been corrupted by the recent issues are likely to be lost during this essential maintenance.

    A full update on the situation has been posted on the Robot Entertainment website and the blog post details what the issues are and the impact. Take a look at the blog post on the link below. It is unfortunate to have to lose some data, but we trust the Robot’s to get everything back and running as soon as possible. Just sit tight for the moment hero’s!

    Robot’s blog post: http://www.robotentertainment.com/blog/detail/Hero-Academy-Instability-Updates

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