• Are we there Yeti? – New DLC pack for Orcs Must Die! 2


    Robot Entertainment have announced the next DLC pack to arrive for Orcs Must Die! 2 – “Are we there Yeti?”. This DLC pack features three brand new levels in the form of frozen ice caverns plus new enemies in the form of Yeti’s and Goblin Sapper mobs to test your wits. The Yeti’s feature as a new large enemy which become enraged after taking damage to shake things up – beware, enraged Yeti’s can smash through your barricades! The Goblin Sappers are also a little bit different, they dont target you, they go straight for your traps. When the Goblin Sappers find a trap they like they explode disabling it and nearby traps. These are sure to cause a headache for the War Mage and Sorceress! Its good to see a new dynamic of gameplay from these two new enemy additions.

    Beware the Goblin Sappers who can take out your traps!

    New levels and enemies isn’t all that’s coming our way in this $5 DLC pack, it also includes a new trinket, the Guardian Trinket which when equipped heals and revives guardians like Archers and Paladins so that they can fight again. Similar to one of the weaver choices in OMD1. The spike wall trap is also introduced and can be placed on near by walls. The spike trap then launches at the enemy, stabbing them in the face and pushing them away.

    In your face!

    A new weapon, the Dwarven Missile Launcher also makes its first appearance. This meaty new secondary weapon fires mana shots which can blast enemies in all directions. A perfect defense for the tricky new enemies coming our way in this new DLC pack.

    Braving the cold caverns isn’t easy, luckily the War Mage and Sorceress are kitting themselves out with new costumes to keep them cosy and prepared. The brand new costumes are available with the DLC package and are a hat-trip to the Orcs Must Die! 2 community. Eagle eyed fans might recognise who the costumes may resemble. Perhaps a certain video blogger!

    Fiery new costumes available with the DLC

    When is the DLC coming?

    Fans won’t have long to wait at all! The DLC is due out today, November 1st for just $4.99. The game can be pre-purchased now from Steam and it will be playable shortly. See you in the caverns everyone!

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