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    The Christmas festivities will soon be upon us! Many of us will preparing our Christmas wish lists for Santa in hope that we make it on the “nice list”. Many RE fans will also have their own wish list for their favourite Robotic studio. It turns out that Santa isn’t the only person giving out gifts this Winter. Justin “SixOkay” Korthof is offering the community to pick out their top six most burning questions on fans mind and he will try and answer them as best he can.

    All you need to do is comment on this article and we’ll pick out the questions that appear the most and the top 6 will make their way through the swarms of elves to Robot community head-honcho Justin Korthof who will be pleased to shed some light on our questions. While these answers won’t come in time for Christmas answers will be forthcoming in the New Year. We’ll be accepting questions for two weeks from now up until January 4th – plenty of time to get your thinking cap on!

    Let your voice be heard and post your question using the link below!

  1. Is there a chance to get actual informations about traps and general statistics? (http://www.robotentertainment.com/forum/topic/May-we-please-have-actual-…)


    Why is there seemingly no work at all being done to fix the camera offset when you aim, specifically when your shots go way off from your crosshair, and the way you have to take wild guess when aiming in slopes.

    If I can only get one question in, make it the first one, even though both have been big issues since OMD1.

  2. Also I want to support Bragdras’s question about the actual information about traps and general statistics fi that is allowed.

  3. Do you think you’ll start doing your job as a community manager anytime soon, and respond to the community on the hero academy forum? Sorry for sounding like a jerk, but its a sentiment shared by even the most devout HA fans.

  4. Avatar of Dean

    @Austh – now is a perfect time to highlight some of those HA questions.

    Robot is a small indie developer, SixOkay is much busier than you might think 🙂

  5. OMD2: do you guys really have any idea of how the levels will be solved… or do you plan out what you think the perfect way to do it is.. if so have other peoples videos surprised you? Like are there levels you guys can not finish in testing but you know the community can?

  6. Any chance that an expansion or more likely a sequel (Elves Must Die?) will expand/explode/deepen and make more long-term the Skull-Trap upgrade system?

    This would be especially useful and appealing given the Endless mode challenges now available to players.

  7. John Doe on said:

    Can you shed any light if OMD2 will be receiving custom onslaught and mod support any time in the future?

  8. Avatar of Nananea

    Orcs Must Die! 2 is aging much better than Orcs Must Die! due to many things like new game modes and more specifically, the Weekly Challenges. Will we see more “modes” released (via DLC or otherwise) to keep the games’ momentum?

  9. Will it ever be possible to play the old weekly challenges again? Why delete them at all instead of having an ever growing list challenges for players to try? It would be nice for people who got into the game late to not miss out.

    Also I’ll support the question about what the plan is for future dlc expansions.

  10. What was one trap that you really wanted but there wasn’t time or room or somthing so it didn’t make it into teh game?

  11. What was the expected high score range for OMD2?

    Did the community suprise you again with its dedication and ferocity to comboing?

    Whats your favorite OMD related story?

    Was ‘Are We There Yeti’ the pinacle of difficulty or are we looking at more pressing levels?

    Are we looking at more CO-OP modes?

    New Characters?

    What do we have to look forward to?

  12. Is 4 player coop going to be implemented in OMD2 as a patch or as a new feature in a (very likely) OMD3?

  13. 1- Rocket Launcher doesn’t provide a combo point : bug or by design ?
    If by design, what are the reasons invoked by the designer before you knock some sense into him/her ?
    If bug, when can we expect a fix ?

    2- As shown by OMD2 maps design and your comments during live streams, your idea of coop was two chokepoints, and each player fighting their own front. Judging by the popularity of the The Tower port, and the way people actually play, that’s not the case.
    So… your main objection to porting more OMD1 maps to OMD2 having been swatted aside, any plans for including more OMD1 maps to future DLCs ? Hell, even a DLC made up exclusively of ported maps (including story mode this time) would be great.
    If the answer’s no, do reconsider. :p
    (consider this your loop exit clause).

  14. 1) I worry about my cat getting fat but if I do not feed her she jumps all over my keyboard when playign OMD2. Should I feed her wet food and keep a bowl of dry food out at the same time?

  15. darewind on said:

    Any chance of adding in some costumes and setting their skull price incredibly high so they can be permanently added to our wardrobe or doing so for exsisting ones?Also a big thanks for the halloween costumes as I tend to use them most of the time I play.

  16. ManlyYams on said:

    I have two questions. Only two.

    1. You guys have made enough money and attention with OMD2 to justify development on a third installment, right? I’ve known several people who have picked up OMD2 withthe holiday sale (at my suggestion, so yeah, I got you at least 3 more possibly dedicated customers, bringing my total up to 15 so far) , and they have been enjoying the hell out of the game. And I was wondering… God I hope it doesn’t end with this. I realize that your story might kinda be at a “Well, this is kind of the end of the road, we can’t tell it any further”, but that’s whta we thought with the first game. “Welp, magic’s gone, now what?”

    Just to make this clear, I WILL spend money on any future Orcs games. You WILL have instant access to my hard-earned cash, because you guys have done nothing but earn every cent of it.

    ok second questions.

    2. I realize that the DLCs are not really “fit in story”, but could it be possible to make an add-on story that was? nice voice-acting and everything? The dynamic you set up between WM and the Sorceress is humorous and amusing to watch, and I would love to see an add-on campaign involving their inter-character banter at the beginning of the map. A

    3. Whoops, third question, I lied, but it’s related to question 2. Would it be possible to get some voice recordings for the new traps? I love the sense of humor of the Apprentice, and I don’t really think “chop chop!” really works for the Spike Wall, ha ha.

  17. Avatar of ArtNJ

    Why wont you tell people what is up with Android? Every week more folks ask. Months and months ago Robot said it was in the plans or being worked on, but nothing has been said in a longgg time and people keep asking. Is it actively being worked on or not? What stage is it at?

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