• Hero Academy update is live


    The latest update for Hero Academy has now gone live across both Steam and iOS devices. The update is no great surprise and many of the changes have been announced previously. Now that the update is live though we can now read about the precise changes that are now taking effect. The details of the bug fixes and balance changes are as below.

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    Bug fixes

    • Fixed First Turn AP settings to work properly
    • Fixed train hazard to correctly keep the initiating player’s units alive at 100 hit points
    • Fixed bug with bamboo tiles not appearing until late in the game
    • Changed the Shaolin game board to have only one speed-boost tile
    • Fixed Bloodrage icon to display properly when activated
    • Fixed bug that kept Shaolin win achievements from being granted
    • Updated Paladin description text to mention Revive
    • Fixed a bug that prevented colors from changing correctly
    • Fixed a bug that prevented taunts from displaying for opponents

    Balance changes

    • Wraith’s starting HP increased by 150 and soul charges reduced by 50 HP
    • Paladin HP decreased to 900
    • Shaolin monk movement increased to 3
    • Poisoner debuff increased to 50%
    • Sniper crouch bonus reduced to 250
    • TF2 heavy HP reduced to 1100

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