• Hero Academy wins at DICE. Plus Six answers from SixOkay


    Congratulations to all the team at Robot Entertainment as Hero Academy wins the “Best Mobile Game” at the 16th annual DICE awards. This is a prestigious awards for developers and Robot Entertainment was up against 3 other games in the mobile category including Fairway Solitaire, Horn and Rayman Jungle Run. Its fantastic to see Robot’s hard work recognised with this brilliant award.

    CEO Patrick Hudson and COO Harter Ryan were on hand at the ceremony to collect the award.

    Photo Credit: Jamil Moledina

    Celebrations were a plenty this morning at Robot HQ:

    Six answers from SixOkay

    In and amongst the celebrations for Hero Academy Justin Korthof, Community Manager has responded to the “Six Questions for SixOkay” feature we ran around Christmas. Reading through the responses we picked out the following six questions to be answered. So without further adue, here we go!

    Are there any plans to release detailed statistics about traps?

    At the moment, no. We don’t plan to add those into the game or release them in general.

    Is there any more DLC coming for OMD2?

    We’re giving it some breathing room now. We are really happy with the three booster packs that are out there now, and we’re all hard at work on some new exciting stuff.

    Have the way players have completed levels in YouTube videos surprised you compared to how the designers thought the level would be played?

    One of the most exciting things about developing both OMD games was knowing that we were designing it in a way that allowed people to complete levels in different ways. We always knew that people would find interesting ways to kill orcs that we never expected. The community hasn’t disappointed us in that regard.

    Any news on Hero Academy for Android?

    We don’t have a ton of new news here. We are fully committed as a studio to developing our new projects, and we don’t have the internal development resources at the moment to do a full Android port ourselves, but we haven’t stopped pursuing it. We’re currently looking at other options to bring Hero Academy to Android. Until we know more about how that’s going to progress, there won’t be much news. However, if we hit a dead end and decide not to pursue Hero Academy on Android further then we’ll let the community know for certain.

    Were there any traps that you liked but didn’t make it into the game?

    We have always poured out a TON of ideas when making these games, and there’s always stuff we have to cut out. I just can’t tell you about much of it because some of that stuff could come up again in future games. There were definitely a few things in OMD2 that were revived after not making the cut for OMD1.

    Can you shed any light if OMD2 will be receiving custom onslaught and mod support any time in the future?

    It’s highly unlikely at the moment.

    Although many of the community may be saddened to see there has not been much movement on Hero Academy for Android, we must bear in mind the project is not off the table entirely. Its still something that is being explored and may still happen if an appropriate means can be found to bring Hero Academy to Android. It’s not a “No” folks, but its not a “Yes its coming” either.

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