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    Livestream with Fryedegg, Nananea and SixOkay tonight at 6:15pm EST

    In celebration of the 1 year anniversary of Orcs Must Die! 2 our top community experts Fryedegg, Nananea and maybe Juicebags will be joining Robot Community manager SixOkay on a livestream for a few hours on Twitch.

    It’ll all be kicking off tonight at 18:15 EST on Fryedegg’s twitch channel right here: www.twitch.tv/fryedegg

    Be sure to join in!

    OMD2 Workshop roundup – our best picks!

    The Orcs Must Die 2! community has been in full force over the past few weeks with a number of excellent mods being produced by dedicated community modders. We wanted to highlight some of our favourite most ingenious mods that we have come across so far. If you’re not sure which mods to go for check these out!

    Hexplosive Chicken Launcher

    Nananea’s Hexplosive Chicken Launcher is absolutely brilliant! I mean, blasting chickens at Orcs – what could be more fun!? Seriously, this one has to be top of your download list!

    Magic Roulette Spike Trap

    Next up is the Magic Roulette Spike Trap by MegadanXzero. This modded version of the spike trap features an additional effect as Orcs wonder across. Not only are they impaled with the spikes as before but now they must face the traps added secondary effect. The secondaries shuffle from fire, ice, acid and more. Check out the full list and download this mod to see it in action!

    Troll Guardian reborn

    How about some role-reversal? With this mod by Rockinbite Trolls can now be used as a replacement for the Palidin’s. Give it whirl and download Troll Guardian reborn.

    Thor’s Hammer

    Upgrade the Dwarven Hammer to the mighty hammer wielded by the legendary God, Thor. Naturally this souped up hammer features fearsome lightning. Well worth checking out this mod by Renji Yuki – Thor’s Hammer.

    Friendly Flyers

    Lets face it, flyers have always been a pain in OMD. Its about time they did something for us once. Well with purebloodpaul‘s Friendly Flyers mod they can finally do something useful and help guard the rift from the pesky Orcs. Download this mod and get them on your side for once!

    Tony Goodman live on Reddit “Ask me anything” right now!

    Tony Goodman is now speaking live on his Reddit “Ask me anything”. Come and join in and pose your questions to the man who started it all!

    Click here to join in!

    Tony Goodman to take part in Reddit – Ask Me Anything!

    Great news of all Ensemble, Robot and PeopleFun fans – the man behind it all is due to host an Ask Me Anything (AMA) next Saturday! This will be your chance to pose your questions to the man at the top! From Age of Empires to Orcs Must Die! anything goes in the AMA!

    It’ll all be kicking off next Saturday 27th July at 1PM CST. Or 8pm UK time! PeopleFun and Robot Fans will be posting links to the Reddit URL just before the start time. There is no better time than now to be following @PeopleFun and @RobotEntFans on Twitter!

    Be sure to think hard about your burning questions and REF will see you there!

    Steam Workshop for Orcs Must Die 2 has landed!

    Hot on the heels of the news that Steam Workshop support was soon to be made available for Orcs Must Die! 2, its great to announce that just a few days later Robot Entertainment have already released this fantastic new tool to the masses! No rest for the hard working Robots it seems!

    The Steam Workshop news is very exciting for OMD2 fans who now have the means to customise almost any part of the game by mixing and matching existing assets and onslaught files. In our last post we talked about some of the things that will be possible with this new functionality. Now, after just a few hours of the update being released we already have some brilliant community mods available to download in the workshop!

    Some of our favourites…

    Face Melter & Tar Trap + Sprayer

    Nananea has been very quick on the bandwagon and already has some great mods. The Face Melter is pretty amusing – combining the blunderbuss and the acid bomb for devastating area damage.

    If you ever wanted to use the Tar Trap with the Sorceress or the Acid Sprayer with the War Mage, Nananea makes it happen with her Sorceress’ Tar Trap & War Mage’s Sprayer mod!

    Paladin’s Fired, Ogres Hired!

    DrunkeN WolfeR really shakes things up with his Paladins fired Ogres hired mod. Role reversal now means you can have the ogres on your side for a change and you can plant them on levels as guardians.

    Blunderbuss Machine Gun

    Juicebags turns the popular Blunderbuss into a menacing machine gun. Spam away and blow those Orcs away with the Blunderbuss Machine Gun!

    Mini-Orcs Must Die!

    If you want to inject even more amusement into OMD2 then the Mini-Orcs Must Die! This brilliant mod by DrunkeN WolfeR sees all those pesky Orcs turn into Mini Orcs. While you may now be much bigger than them, don’t be fooled in thinking this makes the game easier. Oh no, these small Orcs are even harder to restrain as targetting them is much more difficult. Prepare for a good challenge with this mod!

    Steam Workshop coming to Orcs Must Die 2!

    Exciting news for all Orcs Must Die 2 fans! Robot Entertainment are about to unveil a brand new modding system for the popular Orc slashing game. It won’t be long until OMD2 sees Steam Workshop functionality built in! Modders will no doubt rejoice at this exciting news. Not only will it be possible to mod the onslaught files like in OMD1 but there is a whole lot more which can be modified this time around.

    Things that can be modified via Steam Workshop:

    • Costumes – you can use an existing costume base and retexture it.
    • Traps – You can use existing traps and retexture them and change their properties – damage, vfx, upgrade stats, etc.
    • Weapons – You can use existing traps and retexture them and change their properties – damage, vfx, upgrade stats, etc.
    • Trinkets – You can use existing traps and retexture them and change their properties – damage, vfx, upgrade stats, etc.
    • Onslaughts – You can modify existing onslaught and timing files for OMD2, just like you did for OMD1.

    Wow thats great you may be thinking. Indeed it is! The only restriction is that you can’t create your own levels or art from scratch. You can only use existing levels and art which can then be mix and matched to your tastes. Here are some ideas of things you can achieve with this new found power:

    Example ideas:

    • Create a new Frostbow. Based on the primary crossbow, but instead of a flaming upgrade, it has an ice freeze upgrade, complete with the existing frost effects on the bolts.
    • Create an Uber-Nightmare mode where all of the levels are much, much harder.
    • Create an evil Skull Ninja costume based on the existing Skull Ninja costume, but with all red accents instead of yellow.
    • Create an Ice Arrow Wall that shoots freezing arrows, complete with existing frost effects.

    Pretty awesome huh? Its going to be great to see what our expert modders can come up with. But you don’t need to be an expert to get started with modding OMD2 via Steam Workshop. Robot Fans (REF) will be here to help and guide you featuring videos and documentation demonstrating some of the things that you can achieve. Keep a close eye out for more news over the coming weeks!