• Steam Workshop for Orcs Must Die 2 has landed!


    Hot on the heels of the news that Steam Workshop support was soon to be made available for Orcs Must Die! 2, its great to announce that just a few days later Robot Entertainment have already released this fantastic new tool to the masses! No rest for the hard working Robots it seems!

    The Steam Workshop news is very exciting for OMD2 fans who now have the means to customise almost any part of the game by mixing and matching existing assets and onslaught files. In our last post we talked about some of the things that will be possible with this new functionality. Now, after just a few hours of the update being released we already have some brilliant community mods available to download in the workshop!

    Some of our favourites…

    Face Melter & Tar Trap + Sprayer

    Nananea has been very quick on the bandwagon and already has some great mods. The Face Melter is pretty amusing – combining the blunderbuss and the acid bomb for devastating area damage.

    If you ever wanted to use the Tar Trap with the Sorceress or the Acid Sprayer with the War Mage, Nananea makes it happen with her Sorceress’ Tar Trap & War Mage’s Sprayer mod!

    Paladin’s Fired, Ogres Hired!

    DrunkeN WolfeR really shakes things up with his Paladins fired Ogres hired mod. Role reversal now means you can have the ogres on your side for a change and you can plant them on levels as guardians.

    Blunderbuss Machine Gun

    Juicebags turns the popular Blunderbuss into a menacing machine gun. Spam away and blow those Orcs away with the Blunderbuss Machine Gun!

    Mini-Orcs Must Die!

    If you want to inject even more amusement into OMD2 then the Mini-Orcs Must Die! This brilliant mod by DrunkeN WolfeR sees all those pesky Orcs turn into Mini Orcs. While you may now be much bigger than them, don’t be fooled in thinking this makes the game easier. Oh no, these small Orcs are even harder to restrain as targetting them is much more difficult. Prepare for a good challenge with this mod!

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