• OMD2 Workshop roundup – our best picks!


    The Orcs Must Die 2! community has been in full force over the past few weeks with a number of excellent mods being produced by dedicated community modders. We wanted to highlight some of our favourite most ingenious mods that we have come across so far. If you’re not sure which mods to go for check these out!

    Hexplosive Chicken Launcher

    Nananea’s Hexplosive Chicken Launcher is absolutely brilliant! I mean, blasting chickens at Orcs – what could be more fun!? Seriously, this one has to be top of your download list!

    Magic Roulette Spike Trap

    Next up is the Magic Roulette Spike Trap by MegadanXzero. This modded version of the spike trap features an additional effect as Orcs wonder across. Not only are they impaled with the spikes as before but now they must face the traps added secondary effect. The secondaries shuffle from fire, ice, acid and more. Check out the full list and download this mod to see it in action!

    Troll Guardian reborn

    How about some role-reversal? With this mod by Rockinbite Trolls can now be used as a replacement for the Palidin’s. Give it whirl and download Troll Guardian reborn.

    Thor’s Hammer

    Upgrade the Dwarven Hammer to the mighty hammer wielded by the legendary God, Thor. Naturally this souped up hammer features fearsome lightning. Well worth checking out this mod by Renji Yuki – Thor’s Hammer.

    Friendly Flyers

    Lets face it, flyers have always been a pain in OMD. Its about time they did something for us once. Well with purebloodpaul‘s Friendly Flyers mod they can finally do something useful and help guard the rift from the pesky Orcs. Download this mod and get them on your side for once!

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