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    Steam Workshop Awards – winners!

    A little while ago REF asked OMD2 fans to nominate their favourite OMD2 workshop mods so that we could find out what the fan favourite is. Well the results are in and after number crunching it was Nananea’s Hawkeye Archers | Prepared for EVERYTHING mod that came out on top!

    Hawkeye Archers

    Yes it was these pink shade wearing archers that proved most popular amongst fans. These souped up archers can shoot not only fire arrows but poison, chain lightning, chill + freeze, or fear arrows all depending on your preference or mood! They are extra effective with additional health as well.Be sure to check out the fan favourite by downloading the mod and trying it out for yourself. Congratulations Nananea!

    Here is the lowdown on the changes Nananea has made with this mod:


    • 5 exclusive unique upgrades: Fire, Poison, Chain Lightning, Chill + Freeze, and Fearing arrows.
    • Added the passive health regeneration unique into the base archer.
    • Added the reduced money cost upgrades into the base archer.
    • Added a small particle over each Archer’s head so they are easy to distinguish in co-op!
    • Custom icon and silly helmet texture change.


    Nananea wins an awesome OMD T-Shirt, signed copy of the OMD prequel comic, and a Robot Entertainment hat. We hope you enjoyed your prizes! These are no doubt well deserved with all the hard work that Nananea puts into all her excellent mods :). Congratulations again!

    And a little something for a lucky nominator…

    We also said that we would offer a lucky person who takes the time to nominate someones workshop mod a chance to win some sweet prizes too. That lucky person is Markus Holm from Norway. He nominated Nananea’s Sapper Ballista | Add some BANG to your Ballistas mod. For taking the time to do that he has and OMD T-shirt, signed OMD prequel comic and a Robot Entertainment hat on the way to him as well! Congratulations!

    It’s prizes all round at REF! Thanks for everyone who nominated. Be on the look out for more chances to win sweet Robot prizes!