• Echo Prime scores well with reviewers – What do you think?


    The initial wave of reviews for Echo Prime are making their way across the internet. So far 148Apps, Pocket Gamer UK and AppSpy have waded in with their opinions on the Echo Prime metacritic page. So far we have a resounding 80% recommendation rating from all three of those reviews. Here are some of the initial findings:

    Echo Prime is an interesting dungeon crawler-like action game with a few collectible card game elements thrown into the mix.

    – 148 Apps


    A well put together and entertaining brawler, Echo Prime is a slow burn, but it’s worth the effort.

    – Pocket Gamer UK


    Though the basic combat can get a little wearisome in large doses, Echo Prime’s cocktail of sci-fi tropes, mystical powers, and RPG leveling offers a decent throatful of neon-soaked gratification.

    – App Spy


    Its all sounding good so far! Be sure to check it out for yourselves – its available to download on the App Store right now! Once you have come back and let us know on our poll!


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