• Robot releases Echo Prime 1.1 – New echoes, gear and endless


    New echoes and gear awaits Echo Prime fans who have been keenly tapping away at saving the universe! Robot has now released a free update to Echo Prime 1.1 which adds four whole new echoes plus new gear for higher level players.

    In addition to the above you can now help out a friend by selecting specific Echoes from your friends’ collections as you prepare to go into battle. You will also now receive an extra bonus if your Echoes are borrowed while you’re actively playing the game.

    Higher level players can also enjoy the new “contest” levels which feature and endless swarm of enemies. Thats some serious finger tapping right there! You will be rewarded though with some awesome unique gear depending on how long you can face off the enemy waves!

    There’s no better time to check out Echo Prime on the iOS store!

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