• Next up in the Humble Bundle – Hero Academy!


    Hot on the heels of the Humble Jumbo Bundle which featured Orcs Must Die 2, the next Humble Bundle now features another Robot Entertainment game, this time its strategy game Hero Academy. Traditionally Humble Bundle offers games which are multi-platform and DRM free. Hero Academy has been available on Android and PC via Steam. To make things fit better with Humble, Robot have released for the first time a DRM free PC version and a Linux version.

    If you already have Hero Academy here is a great reason why you might want to check this out. Buying Hero Academy via the bundle gets you the Gold Pack with all the downloadable content including:

    • Challenge Pack
    • Dark Elves Pack
    • Dwarves Pack
    • Shaolin Team Pack
    • Tribe Pack
    • Uniform Colors
    • Additional Team Fortress 2 content (only available via Steam)
    So if you are missing something in your repertoire this is a great way to get it!

    Supporting the Humble Bundle is also a fantastic way of giving to charity. I encourage everyone to check out the Humble Bundle website.

    Just a heads up if you choose to download the DRM free version of Hero Academy you will need redeem your code on the classic Robot website. Details of how to do this can be found here:

    How to register and download the DRM free version of Hero Academy from the Humble Bundle.

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