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    Robot working on a new PC game. Gameforge to publish in Europe

    Gameforge and Robot Entertainment have yesterday announced  a publishing partnership in respect of a new upcoming game in European territories. This is good news as the partnership will allow Robot to expand its presence in European markets. The deal is a full publishing agreement and extends to marketing and support of the upcoming title.

    Robot’s CEO Patrick Hudson said: “Robot is eager to expand its global reach. Gameforge is the strongest publisher in Europe, and we are excited they will help deliver our next game to even more players. We cannot wait to unveil this game to fans soon

    Alexander Rösner, CEO at Gameforge, went on to say: “Gameforge and Robot Entertainment are a superb match – we both share one goal: to make games that are fun. In this sense, our new shared title will raise the bar to a new level”.

    Eagle eyed readers will note that the press release on the Gameforge website refers to the next title as being “an unannounced new PC project slated for release in 2014″. How about that.

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