• Focus On: Blackpaw


    Last weeks hero focus has been on Blackpaw and is the first hero of the Unchained alignment. He is a powerful melee hero and is best used in the thick of battle, he can be well considered as an attacker. His primary and secondary weapons and abilities are closely aligned to his melee skills.

    His primary weapon called “Claw” allows him to swipe his claws at enemy units to damage them and deals 70 damage which is a decent punch. The claws are a fast moving attack and they encourage Blackpaw to get up close and personal during combat.His secondary is “Bite”. When used Blackpaw takes a gnaws on a target in range, he can recover his own health if this attack hits.

    Blackpaw using his bite ability

    On the abilities front his primary “Sic’Em” allows him to produce two spirit gnolls which fight along side Blackpaw. The spirit gnolls live for a short period of time, or until Blackpaw dies. His secondary “Ignore Pain” increases the armour of all gnolls near by allowing them to stick out the fight longer. (+150 to all types of armour).

    Spirit Gnolls come out to play

    One final thing that Blackpaw benefits is that he can double jump, unlike other heroes. This double jump lets him cover ground fast to get stuck into the battle.

    Blackpaw Double Jump

    Blackpaw is a powerful melee hero and is ideal for players who like to get stuck in the action. His skills and abilities do not take long to master which makes him an ideal character to begin playing melee with.

    Hero Card


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