• Spotlight on: HowdyDoody


    Howdy folks! Its Friday and that means its time for another fan-Friday interview! This week we have HowdyDoody taking to the stage. A regular on the early access forums, but what about outside? Here we find out a little bit about “Mr Doody” both in and out of the OMD community!

    The Basics

    • Name:  Jeff “Howdy Doody”.  
    • Age: 42… So that’s “Mr. Doody” for all you young whipper snappers.  Now get off my lawn!
    • Home Town:  Nashville, TN


    • If you chose 3 words to describe your personality what would they be?
    Positive, Appreciative, Happy
    • Whats your favourite music?
     Country and Hard Rock, but almost always Country when playing games.
    • Favourite TV shows at the moment?
     I honestly don’t watch much TV, but I’m currently watching the NHL Playoffs.  Go Preds….Um Next Year!
    • Most exciting life experience so far?
    I absolutely love my family.  I do everything with my wife and 2 boys.  So if we are playing hockey in the driveway or touring the South to watch some Dirt Track Racing I enjoy every moment.  I also feel incredibly blessed to be able to coach my boys’ youth hockey teams.  I love the opportunity to teach young girls and boys about winning/losing, success/failure, challenging themselves, the spirit of competition, and having fun.
    • How did you discover Orcs Must Die! ?
     A friend and I both started playing it on xbox.  We became obsessed with high scoring to the point where I bought the PC version just to make movies and join up with the Robot Community.
    • Favourite OMD trap / trinket of all time?
    The Grinder.  Part of my obsession with high scoring was trying to figure out this trap.  How to keep it unclogged for higher combos made me daydream about it.  I still would love to know the logic behind the trap jamming….hint hint Robot!
    • Which minion frustrates you the most when you see it on the battlefield?
     KOBOLD RUNNERS!  I have a love/hate relationship with these little @#$!%^&*!
    • What do you think about the recent Guardian buff – good or bad?
    Love the changes.  They probably still need a few tweaks, but overall I love where they are right now.  Any character that has a metal mo-hawk should be a rock-star!
    • If you could give the community a top tip for OMDU success – what would it be?
     Don’t think of this game as OMD and don’t think of it as a MOBA.  You have to think of it as both…at the same time!  This game is a roller-coaster ride from the second it starts until it ends.  I feel this game is truly special and has made all the other games I was playing seem sooooo slooooow!
    • Is there anything missing in OMDU that you would like to see implemented?
     A Kobold Runner Hero!  I want to be able to aggravate the hell out of real players as much as these little guys drove me insane.  (** Must include a skill that lets me spam that laugh!)

    Shout out

    • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?

    Just know that every time I whoop you all, that you got beat by a guy in his 40’s, has a bald spot, and drives a minivan full of kids hockey gear!

    Thanks for taking part Howdy. Good luck with the Hockey coaching!

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