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    Moltenink’s Time Lapse Orc Painting

    Moltenink has taken a video recording time lapse of his most recent OMDU digital painting. OMDU fans will be well aware of Moltenink’s talents from the many concept hero designs earlier in the year. The time lapse of his latest Orc painting shows just how much time and level of detail goes into his creations, and it really is the finer detail that counts. Check out his awesome time-lapse below:

    For those interested in digital art Molten hosts a Twitch art stream each weekday from 9am at twitch.tv/moltenink. Be sure to check it out sometime! If you would like to find out a bit more about the man behind these excellent works of art, check out our interview with Moltenink from earlier this year.

    Spotlight on: Warlok

    We’re back with Fan Fridays! This week we’re interviewing Warlok of the North American OMDU community. Lets find out a little more about the person behind the username!

    The Basics

    • Name: Anonymous
    • Home Town: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


    • Outside of gaming what do you do by day?

    Work-wise I execute a menial soul-draining-over-time graveyard-shifting job. Otherwise I read unusual books, exercise intensely, and watch a *ton* of movies. These days lots of documentaries.

    • What has been the most exciting thing you have done so far this year?

    I pulled almost every muscle in my lower back. Big time.

    What? That`s not exciting? I suppose *besides* that (!), I honestly would have to mention a couple of things: simply the slightly expanded realm of gaming cohorts and our recent game experiences – invariably violent! – and then recent science news. No, I haven`t “done” science news, I`ve just observed it. Anyway, NASA`s pursuit & development of the early stages of a warp drive field/engine, ever-advancing discoveries pertaining to Earth-like exo-planets, and compact fusion reactor technology… its an exciting time. Cool stuff.

    • Things are getting spooky with OMDU – what are your Halloween plans?

    To game my brains out! There may be a slight correlation to my Xmas and New Years plans… which similarly involve ‘brains’ and ‘out’….

    • Whats your favourite fast food establishment?

    I would be compelled – under threat of enhanced interrogation – to admit Dominos Pizza. Locally anyway, the cooking seems good, pursuant to bacon, extra provolone cheese, and light sauce pizza. Vitally necessary to that are garlic fingers and cheesy bread, though the former has at this time eclipsed the latter. My food tastes are simple.

    • How would you describe your taste in music?

    Superlative and unrivalled!

    I – HAVE – SPOKEN.Ummm, anything noble, tragic, stirring, imperious, and vengeful. Most of the time you find that sort of work in film and game. Conan The Barbarian, ST: The Motion Picture, ST: The Wrath Of Khan, The Living Daylights, RUNE, Empire Earth 2, TRON Legacy, The Road Warrior, Inception, etcetera.

    • Which websites are you sure to open up each day?

    Blue`s News, Off The Grid with Jesse Ventura, Film Score Monthly, Steam (website? kind of sort of but important), and the game sites/forums of that which I play most often, including of course Payday 2. And some other site relating to Orcs or something.

    • What level have you ascended to so far in OMDU? Do you have a favourite hero?


    A number… very well then, Jedi… 22 since the last patch. I definitely have some favourite picks for Heroes. The Master if not for his accomplishments under my controls, then for his blabbery. Get a big kick out of him. Temper is my go-to guy. Ancestor seems like a capable ghost. Kobold King is great… he may have some problems, but there is something about whipping and screaming at others that is appealing in a ‘do my bidding’/arbitrary punishment kind of way.

    • What do you think of the return of the 3-Lane map? How are you finding it?

    Tip of the iceberg. More is very welcome… I wonder if map inventiveness more than anything else will chart OMD U`s course over time. Unfortunately I have not yet played this new map! Just not the right alignment of time and voodoo. I liked it when it originally debuted though; was very nice to be able to plunk down many more traps.

    • Patch 1.6 introduced the Ancestor as a new hero – do you think he is a good addition?

    He is an excellent addition. His viscinity AoE abilities (among other things) cause me to venture into melee ranges far too much! His traits are cleverly thought out, with his Mana boost over time mechanic being so very different from convention. I hope Robot continues to explore such mold-breaking aspects, and not only with playable characters.

    • If there is one thing you want to see more of in OMDU what would it be?

    Warlok winning.
    (Akira satellite beam weapon voice)

    Undead! Co-op challenges! Co-op campaign! Undead!


    Shout Out

    • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?
    Robot is a solid, honest team. They play their own games (!), which is something not all developers do to patently obvious results; tell `em what you want and they`ll at least consider it.


    Thanks for taking part Warlok!
    Ancestor added to hero strategies – prizes to be won!

    The Ancestor has now been added to our OMDU strategies page ready for members to upload their expert strategies. The Ancestor is a brand new hero in the most recent OMDU 1.6 patch. If you think you can provide some tips and tricks on how best to play as him be sure to let us know your thoughts.

    We’re running our competition until the end of October. Anyone who uploads a hero strategy will be in with a chance to win 1x set of  OMDU backpack, wrist band, shirt, and button set. Whatsmore if you rate other members strategies one lucky winner will be picked at random to also win those sweet prizes!

    Check out the full details and start submitting and rating hero strategies!

    Robot working on Hero Academy iOS 8 support

    Good news Hero Academy fans, Robot have deployed one of their bots to take a look at Hero Academy compatibility on iOS 8. While the game seems to work fine in the most part some users have reported issues with logging in and some graphical glitches. There is no word on time-scale on when Robot might be ready with a patch but rest assured things are in-hand.

    We’ll keep you updated as and when we have more news. If you are having any issues with Hero Academy on iOS 8 just let us know in the comments and we’ll pass them on.

    Things get spooky with OMDU patch 1.6 coming October 14th

    The Halloween season is soon to be upon us and Robot Entertainment is set to get us ready early for the spooky season with the V1.6 patch for OMDU due to land on October 14th. The patch is, as always, jam packed with not only changes but also some brand new content. Here we go with the REF summary!

    New Hero – Ancestor

    A brand new hero is set to join the OMDU line up and in-keeping the season we’ll soon be seeing the Ancestor as a playable hero.

    As you might be able to guess from his purple themed powers, the Ancestor is an arcane based hero. He has some very interesting abilities. His passive ability lets him increase his Mana pool as others die around him. Primary and secondary abilities are as follows:

    • Primary: A Vampiric main attack that costs Mana to do Arcane damage,
      but also grants Ancestor a portion of that damage done as health.
    • Secondary: Area of Effect centered on Ancestor that heals allies and
      damages enemies proportional to the size of his Mana pool.

    In addition:

    • A convert-health-to-mana burst that allows Ancestor to keep going
      without the need for an afternoon nap.
    • And an Area of Effect terrain ability called ‘Hallowed Ground’.
      Enemies that die on Hallowed Ground are worth double the Ghost Link Mana
      increase. Also, the ghostly hands of his Bridge buddies reach up and
      will randomly Root enemies in the area of effect.

    Three-lane map “Highlands” is back

    Those who have been in the OMDU beta for some time may remember the three lane map which was released for initial testing a few months ago. The map was only available for a short period before being taken back into development. Patch 1.6 now brings back this three-lane map which will be selectable only via the custom game type at this time.

    It is worth noting that there are some interesting things about Highlands. The number of placeable traps on this map has been increased to 20. This suggests we could be looking at a varying number of placeable traps in the future depending on the chosen map or game type.

    Creepy Cliffside Clash

    The default map will be changed in patch 1.6 to a halloween themed version of the existing two lane map, Cliffside Clash. The newly themed map is aptly named “Creepy Cliffside Clash”.

    Featuring Jack-o-Lanterns, hanging skull decorations and a night time theme. Along with the inclusion of the Ancestor as a playable hero you can now get into the holiday spirit without leaving your home!

    More skins!

    Hogarth gets an excellent new Lumberjack skin which suits him well. Blackpaw decides to expand his wardrobe with the amusing Tutu D-Loo skin and Ivy “peaces out” with her  knew skin. The Sorceress and War Mage keep things a little more seasonal with their spooky costumes which will be free for all players. Here are the all new skins:

    Chat & Dashboard sound

    The chat system in the dash has been improved – chat messages are now persistent which means messages won’t disappear as you move through screens. How about that! Also this patch introduces music in the dashboard.

    Hero changes

    As with all patches there are some changes to heroes. There are not too many changes this time round. The most notable are changes to the Prospector and these are as follows:

      • Tunnel (Name change! “Underground Roads”):
          • ‘Dig’ Mana Cost reduced from 50 to 30.
          • Delay between player uses reduced from 5s to 3s.
          • Killing one tunnel end no longer kills the entire Underground
    • Sand Cloud (Name change! “Dust Devil”:
        • Mana cost reduced from 50 to 30.
        • Cooldown reduced from 15s to 12s.

    Gear Updates

    There are some changes to two items of gear. We’ll just list these verbatim from the patch notes:

    Gnomish Repair Kit

      • Mana cost reduced from 60 to 50.
      • Cooldown reduced from 5s to 2s.
      • Now clears trap disables when it hits a trap.
      • Now penetrates through allies or enemies to target.

    Anti-Trap Vambrace

      • Now penetrates too, instead of incorrect previous settings.

    For other hero and gear changes check out the full patch notes which also include full details of all the changes and some miscellaneous changes not covered here. We will also be updating our statistics database on the day of the patch go-live which is October 14th.  See you in-game then!

    Get your OMDU beta key by posting on Facebook (EU)

    Are you in the EU and still looking for Closed Beta access? Good news as GameForge have introduced a new way of securing a closed beta key as an alternative of getting a Founders Pack. You can now get your OMDU closed beta key by sharing on Facebook!

    Just head over to pay with a post and connect to your Facebook account, then share your OMDU post on your wall and you will receive your OMDU closed beta key!

    This method won’t get you all the benefits you would get with a Founders Pack but it does offer another way to get in-game early.

    See you online!

    Orcs Must Die! ‘After Dark’ returns tomorrow

    The Orcs Must Die! Unchained “Orcs after dark” event is returning tomorrow. The stream will see Robot staff playing against the community from 8PM CDT to 10PM. Players can join in simply by queuing up in the unranked game type mode and you never know, you may be featured on the official stream!

    If you havn’t got access to the beta yet be sure to check out the stream on the day as keys will be given out on the Twitch Chat at www.twitch.tv/orcsmustdie

    Orcs After Dark is set to become a regular feature and will take place every other Thursday going forwards.

    See you there!