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    Endless mode comes to Orcs Must Die! Unchained with patch 2.3

    Its been a little while between patch 2.2 and 2.3. This can only mean one thing. BIG changes and new features must surely be on the menu. Indeed, they are! Robot has just announced the patch notes for next Tuesdays patch version 2.3. The patch notes are extensive and there are a few brand new features for the game, most notably the new Endless Mode which is a nod to classic OMD2 gameplay.

    Endless Mode

    One of the things that has often been a hot topic in the forums is the return for some of the old classic Orcs Must Die! gameplay in Unchained, which is to act as the “platform” for Orcs Must Die! content going forward. With patch 2.3 Robot have announced the return of Endless mode, a PVE option with leaderboards for you to compete with your friends. In the next patch players will be able to play Endlesss mode with four other players via its own matchmaking queue.

    The concept for Endless is simple – try to stop the endless waves from getting to to the rift! There are 25 rift points and all types of minions will be making their way to it. Waves get harder and harder as the game progresses. Beating wave 12 counts as a win for your hero. There is no leadership to spend. Droppable potions make a return so you can re-gain health and mana. There are also “Go breaks” which are pauses between waves to allow defensive heroes to plan kill boxes. In the main it is much like the experience players had with OMD2 but with more players and some other cool new mechanics such as the Unchained Meter.

    The Unchained meter is something that increases as the match goes on and is fueled by combos, minion kills and Unchained meter pick up items. Once it reaches the top its party time and heroes on the team will enjoy massive buffs to damage, health, mana, and cooldown reduction for a period of time.

    I’m sure this new mode will be very interesting to play come next week and will be an excellent game-mode addition to Orcs Must Die! Unchained. Plus with online leaderboards!

    Neutral Objectives

    Another brand new concept coming in this patch is “Neutral Objectives” for PVP games. PVP games are also now being called “Siege” games. Neutral Objectives are something that has been added to the Cliffside Clash map and are now the new way to play bosses on the map.

    At wave 3, objectives open. Teams must stand on the objective in order to capture it. Once both neutral objectives are captured, they lock for a little over 2 minutes and the team that holds the objectives may play Bosses. You have 60 seconds to play a Boss after capturing both neutral objectives. If no Boss card is played during this time, the neutral objectives will open for capture once again after the 60 seconds.

    The mode in somewhat akin to capture the flag and should provide and interesting shake up of gameplay during a match. It’ll be very interesting to see how this plays out.

    More changes

    Along with these great new features comes a long list of other changes. From improvements to art and performance on all the maps, improved dashboard UI and a new hero screen. Bot Hogarth makes his first appearance as Sir Lancebot. New hilarious beach themed skins options for Hogarth and Smolder. Various changes to heroes and minions all of which can be found in the detailed patch notes available on the forums.

    The patch will be landing next Tuesday, June 30th. See you online, and don’t forget to tune into Insider Access that same day, at 3PM CST (More timezones)

    New beach skins coming in patch 2.3