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    The Apprentice set to return to OMDU. Meet Zoey!

    The next hero to return back to OMDU from phase 1 has been revealed to be the Apprentice. She will be returning as Zoey, the student that Max has under his wing. Zoey retains her uniqueness from phase 1, her ability to cast magic from the various schools of magic (Arcane, Lightning, Fire, and Frost) and she will once again be bringing her friend baby firebat “Feebee” to the battlefield to help out.

    Details of her return can be found at the official website where Lead Designer Paul Hellquist has penned a blog explaining her abilities (including her new shift ability) which have been re-worked since phase 1. You can read all about her by following the link below:


    Rimmon’s Support Traps for Attackers video guide

    Rimmon has uploaded a new YouTube video to his channel and this week the focus is on support traps that offensive heroes can use. There are a number of support traps that offensive heroes can use and they can be particularly effective for helping to capture the objectives. A speed pad, attack and defensive buff can sure make you a substantial threat for the enemy team on the objective.

    Check out Rimmon’s latest video below for the low down and how you can make use of the the support traps to help capture those objectives!

    Rimmon’s Orcs Must Die! Unchained – Scoring Combo Points guide

    Rimmon is back on his YouTube channel with another useful how to video for Orcs Must Die! Unchained closed beta players. Following up on his trap placement and kill box design guide, Rimmon takes things a bit further and details how you can use your kill box to score the bigger combo points. The trick is largely to use a variety of traps, but there are some tricks of the trade on what trap set ups can deliver the best combo results.

    Check out Rimmon’s video below to learn more!

    Orchestrated Mayhem Destruction Unleashed tournament

    DravoiX from Orcs Must Die! Unchained in the EU is working on putting together a tournament for the EU OMDU community. This tournament will be played between 5 player teams with a double knock out system.

    If you are in the EU and interested in taking part in the tournament be sure to let DravoiX know on the OMDU EU forums!

    Click here for more information

    Rimmon’s Orcs Must Die! Unchained – Killbox Design guide

    Rimmon shares his expert knowledge on building killboxes in Orcs Must Die! Unchained with his new video. This is a very useful video for both new and old players alike delving into great detail into building the best killboxes and includes detail on which traps are effective and where to place them.

    If you are having trouble with minions getting through your killboxes or not doing the kind of damage you expect, check out Rimmon’s excellent killbox design video below.