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    Looking ahead – whats next for the OMDU closed beta?

    Have you been keeping an eye on the Orcs Must Die! Unchained Trello? The Trello is where Robot keeps us up-to date with what is coming up in future patches. We’re on 2.5 right now and the details for things we might expect in patch 2.6 are online and ready to view. The Trello board also allows players to up-vote things they most like to see.

    One of the things most upvoted for patch 2.6 and is sure to please alot of people is that there is a┬ánew PvE only map on the horizon! Remembering that Orcs Must Die! Unchained us to be the “platform” of all OMD content going forward, its important to remember that Unchained is not just a PvP show, there is more content coming, especially for the PvE front and this new map is one example of working towards that.

    Speaking of PvE also on the menu is a difficulty level selector for Endless will also be coming next patch along with random door openings and random waves should make things even more interesting. Environmental traps are also expected to make a return (remember the rolling log in OMD1?)

    For the dashboard the new crafting and quest system is due to make an appearance along with the heroic dyes. A differential patcher is coming too which should make those with slower connections alot happier. ­čÖé

    There is lots more coming so be sure to keep yourself in the know by keeping an eye on the Trello board. https://trello.com/b/MdjpvJn9/orcs-must-die-unchained-release-roadmap

    New Website!

    Also coming around the time if patch 2.6 will be a brand new website for orcsmustdie.com for North America. This was first previewed in Insider Access #46 when Justin (SixOkay) sat down with Robot’s new web designer┬áLionel Cornelius. For a reminder of that and what’s coming check out the VOD below.

    Orcs Must Die! Unchained closed beta patch 2.5 – Now Live!

    The latest patch for Orcs Must Die! Unchained closed beta is now live in North America! Go forth and open your game client to begin downloading the latest patch. You can try out the new hero, Zoey the Apprentice, Radial Communications, sweet new post game screen and more!

    Be sure to be in the know by checking out the patch notes.

    EU News

    Patch 2.5 isn’t quite ready yet, but it is expected to land very soon. Keep your eyes peeled on social media @OrcsMustDieEU on Twitter and Facebook.

    OMDU Patch 2.5 “Chaos Theory” notes now available

    The patch notes for the next Orcs Must Die! Unchained closed beta update are now available online. Titled “Chaos Theory” as a nod to Zoey, the chaotic Apprentice who makes her return in patch 2.5. Details about Zoey’s return have already been detailed so be sure to catch up on the redesign blog post.

    As we venture into the spooky month of October Robot has revealed one of Zoey’s alternative Halloween themed skins:

    In the usual Robot Entertainment style, these patch notes are quite considerable, so be sure to get comfortable before diving in! You can catch up on the full patch notes on the link below:


    One thing to note though, this patch will require another account wipe, as will all patches leading up to Open Beta. Any gold purchased (or awarded through Founders programs etc) will be re-funded, as will any promotional skins.