• Things get frosty with Frostbite


    The final of three brand new PvE maps coming to Orcs Must Die! Unchained in the next patch due out this Thursday is Frostbite. This map gives us a nice change of scenery, a snowy map with a fortress along the Arctos glacier. The art for the map looks great and Frostbite looks to be a great addition to the growing PvE exclusive map line-up. From the OMDU blog:

    Built with the cooperation and generous financing of the grizzly royal family, Frostbite Fortress sits at the edge of the Arctos glacier protecting grizzly territory from the Unchained. Rift activity is particularly high on the glacier, probably because of its proximity to Centre’s northern pole. It is also rumored that the grizzlies are protecting a secret rift to their home realm deep within their territory, which makes Arctos a very enticing target. Open, stable rifts are sources of great power, and the rift is most likely what makes the grizzlies so much better at frost magic than any other race. Letting the Unchained find this rift, if it exists, would be a disaster; the fortress must keep the Unchained out for the safety of the grizzlies and their rumored rift.

    Lets take a look at some sweet sweet screenshots of this chilly map:

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