• Patch 2.8 notes now available – Stay out of the water!


    Orcs Must Die! Unchained will soon be getting its next closed beta patch. Bringing us up to version 2.8 this patch adds a brand new map for Survival gameplay – “Shark Island“. In addition to some changes with survival difficulty there have been coin adjustments on the survival maps with lower levels getting the most additional coin.

    Improvements have been made to the new player experience which should help people get faster accustomed to the dashboard and game. In addition a whole bunch of UI improvements for the dashboard in this patch including the play screen and post-game screen. There is a new sound when games have been found by the matchmaker, plus the sound also plays when the window is minimised too – score!

    Cygnus, Oziel and Zoey are getting some small changes this patch. For Cygnus, his Mana Sheild has been changed to provide up to 65% damage reduction at 75% mana. Previously, it provided up to 75% damage reduction at 50% mana. He also has a health boost from 100 to 130 initial hp. Oziel will no longer get rewarded in souls for allied player deaths. Zoey’s “Death and Chaos” Weaver upgrade will now only change schools of magic when a minion is killed by her primary attack, rather than on any use. Otherwise aside from Cygnus, all hero health has been reduced by 5% to make things seem more lethal.

    For matchmaking there have been some changes to how this works. Principally higher tier players should no longer be matched with bots in most cases and the matchmaker will try to matchmake for longer as the acceptable MMR range grows over time before filling games with bots.

    As always this is just a summary of the changes in this forthcoming patch (releasing Thursday!). Be sure to check out the full patch notes on the link below!

    Patch 2.8 – Full Notes

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