• 4th-Degree Burns – MikeLemmer’s Smolder Defense Guide


    MikeLemmer on the Steam Forums has put together an outstandingly detailed guide on how to play defensively with Smolder. If you play with Smolder alot on either Survival or PvP or are thinking about playing some more with Smolder, this is THE guide you need to read.

    The guide goes into considerable details about Smolder, her abilities and weaver upgrades and when and what might be best to choose. The guide also discusses Smolder’s unique trap, the Naptha Sprayer and also some details about other fire traps like Brimstone – making note that Brimstone fire damage does NOT stack.

    Playing Smolder

    Smolder is “a melee character with a ranged attacker’s health”. Although she has ranged fireballs, her most damaging abilities all require her to get into the thick of things. To play her well, learn when to charge in and when to get out.

    Read the full guide

    You can read MikeLemmer’s full guide on how to play Smolder defensively over on the Steam forums via the link below. This really is a fantastic guide – be sure to check it out!


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