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    Orcs Must Die! Unchained lands on PS4 July 18th

    It has long been announced that Orcs Must Die! Unchained is to be released on PS4, however we now have the official launch date – July 18th! The game is free to play as per the PC release and there will also be $20 worth of in-game currency provided free of charge for PlayStation Plus members, available until August 17th.

    Matt DeWald, producer at Robot Entertainment is currently doing a Reddit AMA which can be found on the link below discussing and answering questions about the upcoming PS4 release. Check out the AMA below:

    Reddit PS4 Release AMA

    Chaos Trials on route to OMDU with patch 2.2

    Patch 2.2 for Orcs Must Die! Unchained is just around the corner, landing June 20th. This new patch will bring a brand new mode to the Survival gameplay – Chaos Trials. What is this and how does this work, you ask? Well as players are playing OMDU in the Survival, Sabotage, Endless, and Weekly Challenges they will now have a chance of chaos key being dropped. These keys can then be used to enter a chaos trial challenge.

    Each key will have an assigned difficulty level (Apprentice, War Mage, Master, and Rift Lord) granting them access to that level of trial. However, these keys will additionally have ‘modifiers’ attached. These modifiers alter the gameplay in certain ways. For instance there might be “No health potion drops”, “More mana potion drops”, “More expensive floor traps” just as an example. These interesting modifiers will mean players will have to think carefully about the hero and set up they will be bringing to the match.

    Like other modes, Chaos Trials can be played with 1-3 players. Winning a chaos trial will cause the key to be upgraded so that players can move on to the next trial which will have a new set of modifiers. Each key only have three lives, so be careful and losing all your lives means you will need to find a new key to restart the trials. However, completing as many chaos trials as possible will yield better rewards.

    Chaos Trials are looking to be a new interesting way to play OMDU with great rewards. Chaos Trials are not the only thing of course coming to OMDU in patch 2.2. There is also a raft of balance changes and fixes and additional new features including….

    New Mercenary – The iMage

    The iMage is a new mage merc who has the unique ability of splitting into multiple variations: Arcane, Fire, Frost, and Lightning. Each mage packs a punch with its own unique elemental ranged attack. However, only one of these mages is the real mage. Destroying the real mage will cause the others to be eliminated – but which one is the real iMage?

    Full Screen Dash

    The first iteration of the long requested full screen dashboard will be available in this patch. There are additional future improvements coming in the future to make the dashboard more suitable for full screen. However, for now it will be possible to make the dash full screen and it will scale appropriately. There is also a redesigned play screen for selecting matches and modes.


    The Academy Sewers map is now available for play in Sabotage and there are new consumables with the Polymorph Chicken sounding particularly amusing:

    • Polymorph Chicken: select one enemy hero and turn him or her into a chicken.
    • Immolation Staff: places a staff on the enemy team’s battleground that damages barricades, decoys, and summoner trap retainers.
    • Armored Giants: Summons a medium-sized army of armored giants.

    Full Patch notes

    The above is of course just a taster of the main changes coming in patch 2.2. To delve in to all the balances changes, fixes and small improvements check out the full patch notes on the official website on the link below. This patch will be landing June 20th – see you in game!

    Full patch notes: